Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 In Review

In January, we celebrated our 6th anniversary. And Chad surprised all of us when he built his first leather item and started what would become known as Oldfield Fine Goods.

February through April brought a dry spell on the blog, but I played ketchup here. In February, Penn turned 2 (and had a Mickey Mouse birthday), Janie turned 30, we took MC to see Mary Poppins at USM, and MaryCollis played "Little Miss Muffet" in her school program.

In March, we hunted a bunch of easter eggs, Penn got tubes for the third time, we had the walkathon at NEJ, and we had a really awesome spring break.

April brought Flowering of the Cross at SJDS, Relay for Life, and Touch-a-Truck.

In May, MC had her end of the year choir and AWANA programs as well as May Day. And I said goodbye to some of my favorite students at graduation.

June is always crazy. We had LLT Kids Camp, VBS at church, and tennis camp. Penn moved into a big boy bed. We celebrated Father's Day and attended an Isaacs concert. I completed the Whole 30, which made me feel so much better. We also went to the beach.

We celebrated my 30th birthday in July. The greatest gift I could have ever received was a girls trip to Savannah with my closest friends. Best. Vacation. Ever. We also visited Lindsay and Andrew in Nashville,

August brought the start of school and a new class for MC (K4 with Mrs. Maranda). I spent most of my time having play practice. A lot of play practice.

In September, MaryCollis turned 5 and had an Elsa-themed party. And I directed Happy Days, which took up the majority of my time.

In October, the kids sang in their first choir programs of the year. We had a booth at Loblolly for the first time. The kids had a Noah's Ark party at church. We had an awesome time at the Fall Festival in Gardiner Park. We attended Eagle Fest at SJDS. Penn broke my nose, and I had surgery. We watched Katie become a real-life princess at NEJ's Homecoming. MC and Emma Kate went to cheerleading camp and then cheered on the Tigers. We helped at the ARC Fun Day at JCJC.

In November, we had a relaxing Thanksgiving and attended the annual Advent Luncheon at Mitchell Farms.

In December, we welcomed the Blaker Twins and did a whole bunch of other stuff.

2015 was a really horrible year for blogging. It's been difficult to do much of anything between school, kids activities, and Oldfield. 2016 should be just as busy: our 7th anniversary, Penn's 3rd birthday, spring break in Disney World, lots of wholesale shows for Oldfield, my girls trip to San Antonio, and Penn's first year in school. Exciting things are happening!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Season 2015

We've had so many fun holiday events this year. First, there was the tree lighting downtown followed by the annual open house at the Library, which my JA Crown Club girls worked and my kids attended.

Pancake Day followed by the annual Christmas parade downtown.

MaryCollis' annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party, which Emma Kate helped to host this year. 

This is what we got when we said, "Do a sassy pose!" Lawsy Mercy.

Making and delivering homemade cinnamon rolls to dear friends, just like I do every year.

Delicious pre-baked goodness

Our children's Christmas program at church. MaryCollis was a cat (again), and Penn... well, he played with the microphones and was a bad influence on others.

The yearbook/drama Christmas party at Mom's house.  I won a selfie stick. Great night all around.

Catchphrase. It's a tradition.

Selfie stick!

They all signed the Happy Days poster and framed it for me! Tears.

The birth of Janie Girl's TWINS!

MaryCollis' Christmas party at school and Penn's pajama day at daycare.

MaryCollis said, "Are you REAL?" 
We've seen 3 different Santas this year... none of them looked alike.

Mrs. Maranda's K4 class

I guess even Santa gets parched.

MaryCollis' Christmas recital, which was totally adorable.

And our annual Christmas drama at FBC, which was unbelievable. 

Now we officially have NOTHING on our calendar until Christmas Eve. I plan to binge watch Netflix, get a mani/pedi, take naps, and read a book. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to do endless loads of laundry and dishes, pick up toys five times a day, and wait on kids hand and foot. Still, I can do all that in my pajamas. :)


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