Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am now 20 weeks, which is the official halfway mark. Hooray! I'm feeling good... except I can't sleep very well at night. You see, I'm a stomach sleeper. Always have been. It's my thing. My stomach is not hard yet, so I can still physically sleep on my stomach... it's just that I've read too many things that say I'm not supposed to. Point is, I'm not getting great sleep. Other than that, I'm great. I even started feeling nugget move this weekend. On Saturday afternoon during a helluva thunderstorm, I felt a tiny little jumping bean in my stomach... turns out it was the babe. And I have been feeling her move around ever since. It's not a definite kick or punch that I feel... it's just tiny little movements... like popcorn. I love it.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Honor of the Halfway Mark........


This was taken just after I found out about nugget! (I had gained no weight at this point... so other than a little swelling of the belly, this is pretty much what I looked like pre-pregnancy. A little pudgier than I'd like to be, but whatev.)

I had only gained 2 pounds at this point... but then I gained 3.5 lbs in Week 15 and 2.5 lbs in Week 16. Yuck!

Still looking pretty good.... Just looks like I've eaten one too many hamburgers.

See how you can't really tell anything's there unless I tuck my arms under? I had gained 7-8 pounds by now... but I still didn't really look pregnant.

This is really the first week I kind of, sort of looked pregnant-ish.  Belly is still not hard, but it's protruding. This is also the first week I felt tiny movements! (Saturday, April 24 to be exact). Had gained 8-9 pounds at this point.

Taken this morning before work. I look HUGE in this picture, but I'm really not. I think it's just the shirt and the angle of the camera. Did not weigh this morning, but I'm thinking I've gained around 10 pounds by now. For halfway, I say that's not bad!!

Anyway, there you have it! The bump is not really that impressive, but it's there... and believe me, it will pop out very soon. Happy halfway!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a Girl!

Well after getting so excited about going to the doctor to find out the sex last Friday and then feeling like crap when we left there (NOT knowing the sex), I told myself not to get my hopes up this time. And I didn't. I went in thinking it was a boy, and it ended up being a girl. My whole life I've wanted to have a girl first then a boy. A total of 2 children. I've always wanted a girl, and I still do (don't get me wrong) but I was kind of getting excited about having a boy. But now I guess I get to have it the way I always planned and I'll have a boy next. Chad says there is no "next".... and he could be right. I mean, the stars aligned JUST RIGHT for us this time... it may never happen again. Unless, of course, we go back to the Magic Kingdom. Ha. I think he'll come around though. So I still say we'll have a boy NEXT.

Now, let me just tell you about this place we went to today. It's called Premier Imaging, and it was ah-mazing. We didn't have to wait at ALL... we went straight into the ultrasound room where I laid down on a uber comfy bed next to the sonogram machine and Chad sat in a chair directly in front of a large flat-screen TV where he could see the image on the big screen (literally!). The sonogram tech, ironically named Pat, was so sweet. She let us look around for at least 45 minutes. She showed us arms, legs, fingers, the stomach, the aorta, the umbilical cord, the tiny little feet, the spine... the list goes on and on. It. Was. Awesome. Nugget was moving around like crazy... "She's going to be a little soccer player just like her daddy!" I said with excitement. Chad's response? "It's a girl...." My response to that lame response? "Girls play soccer!!!" His response to that? "Not very well...." Ugh. I give up. Good God, why couldn't I have just given the man a BOY?! Anyway, Pat was amazing. She took no less than 30 pictures of Nug... she printed them all out for us and gave us a CD so we could email them or upload them on the computer. And the best part? She's going to let us come back in 8 weeks for a FREE 4D ultrasound. How awesome is that?! I love this place.... it was worth every darn penny. (For those curious, it was only 79 bucks!) So if you want a 4D ultrasound or if your little bundle of joy is being shy and won't reveal its parts, take yourself down to Premier Imaging. I highly recommend it.

I'm still not completely convinced it's a girl, but that's what Pat said! She seemed positive of her diagnosis.

Not sure what this sexy-looking womanly figure is doing on the right hand side of all these photos, but.... isn't that a lovely profile?!

Brace yourself, kids. This one is in 3D. It's a bit freaky, but do you see the squished little nose and that precious mouth?! She looks just like Chad....

So that's the big news, folks. It's a little lady. We are pretty sure of the name, but I want to be absolutely certain before we reveal that juicy little tidbit.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 19

Well, we're nearly halfway. I'm 19 weeks, and nugget is a mango. As I'm sure you've all heard, we had to move our BIG IMPORTANT doctor's appointment from this morning (Thursday) to tomorrow afternoon (Friday). Something about Chad working... But that means in approximately 31 hours, nugget won't be a nugget anymore. Shim won't be a shim anymore. It's all very exciting. I don't really think Chad cares -- in fact, he once mentioned not finding out the gender at all. In case you were wondering, I completely disregarded that comment. We will be finding out the gender... at precisely 3PM tomorrow. So stay tuned for the big reveal.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Administrative Professionals Day

So, today is Administrative Professionals Day... whatever that means. All I know is that I showed up to work this morning and there was food as far as the eye could see. And presents too! And it was all for me. Too bad I had eaten breakfast already... especially since someone brought my favorite -- blueberry cake donuts. But there's always lunch... and snacks. It looks like we have spinach rotel dip, chicken ranch dip, sausage balls, some type of pizza casserole, deli sandwiches, cookies, brownies and much, much more! My apple juice is in the freezer getting nice and slushy.... and my tummy is prepping for several go-rounds at the buffet. HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS DAY! :)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweet Tater

We are 18 weeks today and rapidly working our way through the produce section. Nugget's a sweet potato this week... Have I ever told y'all how much I LOVE sweet potatoes? Well, I do. Especially this one. Supposedly I'm supposed to start feeling movements soon... sometime between 18-22 weeks they say. It's going to be so weird the first time, but I'm excited about it. We find out the sex ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. Get excited. We kind of, sort of, maybe have names picked out.... it was a joint effort and a very difficult one at that! It got kind of heated at times.... but I think the names we've chosen are good, strong, unique, Southern family names. I think y'all might like them.... I shall reveal those next week after we find out the sex! Oh, and by the way.... I am completely obsessed with apple juice slushes from Sonic these days. It's not on the menu, but they make them for me. So if I come to visit you, I'd be the happiest pregnant lady in the world if you had one waiting for me. :)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Husband of the Year

My sweet husband cooked dinner for me last night. Pork chops stuffed with seafood dressing (oh. my. gosh.), cheesy baked potatoes with a hint of bacon and buttermilk biscuits... we also had crawfish-stuffed sausage as an appetizer. This meal was truly religious. You should have been there. We enjoyed our meal together then settled in to watch Sherlock Holmes. Chad fell asleep, but I rather enjoyed it. I would have enjoyed it more with a glass of wine, but alas..... In other news, Chad has been overtaken with allergies. This pollen is absolutely killing him. You know the point when someone sneezes so many times in a row that you want to look at them and say, "Okay, really. That's enough." Well, I've reached that point more than once this week.... but the poor guy is just so sick. I feel sorry for him.... but not really.... because he's gotten off the hook from taking Gerty outside. He just looks at me with his poor, pitiful, red, swollen, tear-filled eyes as if to say, "But look at me. I'm so sick. I can't go outside in this pollen." And I fall for it every time. But he's a sweet man. And he made me an awesome dinner tonight. I have no complaints.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 17

So we're 17 weeks today and going strong. Nugget is an onion (I swear shim was an orange two weeks ago.... isn't an orange bigger than an onion? I think we're going backward). I am feeling good, but I am having a really hard time with the weight situation. For the first 15 weeks, I had only gained 2 pounds. Then I gained 3.5 pounds in week 15 and 2.5 pounds in week 16!!! You're only supposed to gain 1 pound per week (or an average of 4-5 pounds per month).... well, I've gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks, so I'm way off course. I haven't been eating any differently, so I don't know what the deal is. I just don't want my doctor to yell at me when I got back in 2 weeks and he finds I've gained 10 pounds since our last visit! Sigh.

Speaking of going back to the doctor in 2 weeks, we will finally find out nugget's sex at our next appointment... and Chad will finally get to see the babe on the big screen. (That's my favorite part... because sometimes I wonder if there really is a baby in there, so I like to SEE it to make sure. It makes me feel better. And if I could get an ultrasound at every single appointment, I would.)

Anyway, I don't have a lot of new news to tell you..... but we had a wonderful Easter with my family. I wore a strapless summer dress while planting tomatoes and watermelons at Ba's house, so I came home with a nice little tan.... and I plan on lying out in the backyard this weekend to work on it some more. They say the tanning bed is not harmful to you or your fetus during pregnancy, but what kind of mother would get in a tanning bed while carrying a child?! I don't trust it.... so I'm going to stick to the good ole' natural sun. I am really looking forward to the weekend. Seems like they just get shorter and shorter.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

I am 16 weeks today, and apparently nugget is forming little bones in its ears and can now hear everything we say! Guess that means I'll have to start singing to shim. This week nug is roughly the size of an avocado. God, wouldn't some homemade guacamole be fabulous right now?! Chad and I are going home this weekend for Easter, and I could not be more excited. Every single member of my family has called at some point this week to see what me and nugget want to eat this weekend. "Remember, you're eating for two," they'll say. I always have to bite my tongue because what I really want to say in return is "Yes, that's true.... but I'm not feeding two grown men. One of us weighs less than 5 ounces." But I'm afraid if I responded that way, they might not feed me what I want!

So... I requested chicken and dumplings (light on the chicken, heavy on the dumps), creamed corn and LOTS and LOTS of rutabagas. Ruts are my absolute favorite veg... but they are really, really hard to chop (literally... they're a very hard vegetable)... so I never make them for myself. I usually wait until I'm home so Ba can cook them for me. She's real good at making them. Anyway, Gertrude and I are taking off around noon today and heading south! We are so excited... everyone is going to be there except Carissa who is studying for comps. I haven't seen Will and Ashley since Disney World, and I haven't seen Andrew since Will and Ashley's wedding in December. It's going to be a great weekend... Lots of wine (none for me obvi), cooking and fellowship. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!



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