Monday, May 31, 2010

The Summer of George

We are back from Orange Beach, and it could not have been a more relaxing trip. In fact, it was so relaxing and I was so wrapped up in sunbathing and doing a whole bunch of nothing else, I did not take a single picture. Not one. While we were at the beach, my mom and dad decided they would take us back to the beach for my birthday in just one short month. Me and Chad, Andrew, Mom and Dad & Will and Ashley will be beach-bound once again come July 1. We will celebrate my 25th birthday on July 3 and Independence Day on July 4 then head home on the 5th. I. Can't. Wait.

Then, as if that weren't enough of a surprise, when I got back to Starkville Chad declared that he was taking me on a Babymoon in a few weeks! We will be going to New Orleans June 10-13. We plan on eating great food, touring wonderful museums, perusing old antique shops and enjoying one of our last vacations together before MC makes her arrival. Chad has booked me a pre-natal massage Friday afternoon which I am extremely excited about. I can't tell you the last time I got one. Actually, I think I can.... on our honeymoon in Mexico.

THEN... yes, there's more... My mom asked me to be a "chaperone" for her yearbook conference in Orange Beach July 10-15. Three beach trips and a Babymoon all in one summer?! It doesn't get much better. I declare this The Summer of George!! Have y'all ever seen that episode of Seinfeld? When George breaks it off with his fiancee and gets all excited about being free and..... well, nevermind. Just know that this is going to be the best summer ever. As well it should be.... this will probably be the last summer I can go off and do whatever I want to do without having to think about what I'm going to do with a baby! Don't get me wrong, taking a babe to the beach is going to be awesome. I've already thought about all the cute little swimsuits MC will wear and her splashing around in the water next summer. But... this summer is going to be all about me. Thank goodness I have all that comp time saved up!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

24 Weeks

I am 24 weeks now.

And MC is the length of a 12-inch ruler.

We are at Orange Beach this week, and I don't think I have ever been this pale before coming to the beach... Today was my third day to lay out, and I am not burned but I've got that slight warm, tingly feeling to my skin. This is literally the first time I have had to use sunscreen since I was probably 5. I am getting good color on my chest and arms, but I'm having trouble getting sun on the back of my legs. Since I can't lay on my stomach, I spend most of my time on my back so I look somewhat like a chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream cone. Dark on the front, white on the back. But I'm having a great time... I needed a break from work so badly. In fact, I really don't want to go back. Like ever.

I can't figure out if the people at the pool can tell I'm pregnant or if they think I'm just fat. So any time I can fit in something about being pregnant or something about the baby, I throw it out there. "Gotta go upstairs now and feed this growing baby!" or "The baby is kicking... she must like the water." I think they're catching on.

I had a really bad case of heartburn last night. It lasted for several hours while we watched TV, and finally I fell asleep. I had a tomato sandwich for dinner, and I know tomatoes have a little acid in them but surely a tiny piece of tomato on a sandwich didn't cause that horrible heartburn. Other than that, this vacation has been awesome. The water is pretty (not that I have been near it... I'm a pool girl, you see), the sun has been out every day but it's been accompanied by a strong breeze so it hasn't been unbearable, and we have had good food. We still have several days left, so I'll try to post photos of the beach and water (no oil here!). Happy hump day!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

23 Weeks

I am 23 weeks, and MC is the size of a small baby doll. We had a doctor's appointment today, and it went well I suppose. You see, I got a little bit upset with my doctor. Basically the first thing he said to me was, "Wow. Your weight sure has jumped up there." I just sat there as he went on. "The recommended weight gain for this stage is 14-17 pounds." I sat there for a moment before responding. I didn't want to say something I might regret. After choosing my words carefully I said, "And how much have I gained?" (I already knew the answer. I just wanted him to feel like an idiot.) "Well, you've gained about 17 pounds," he said. Trying to sound as LEAST sarcastic as possible I responded. "Hmmm. I see. So, what you're saying is that the recommended weight gain for this stage is somewhere between 14 and 17 pounds, and I have gained 17 pounds. I see what you mean. It really has "jumped" on up there, hasn't it? I better get this under control before someone mistakes me for an elephant." I mean, SERIOUSLY?! (FYI. I didn't really say that to him. I try to be polite in public, but I really, really, really wanted to scream).

What I really said was, "It doesn't seem to matter what I eat, Doc. I can eat cheeseburgers all week and gain nothing then eat nothing but salads and fruit for a week and gain 4 pounds. Chad and I have been walking about 3 times a week, I have fiber cereal with a small glass of orange juice in the morning and fruit for snacks. I either have a sandwich or a lean cuisine or something similar for both lunch and dinner. I don't really drink any sodas... mostly drink water or Crystal Light all day. Now, I might treat myself with a few Oreos in the evening (I mean, after all I am PREGNANT), but it's not like I'm eating a super sized double cheeseburger combo with a large chocolate milkshake for every meal. Basically, it seems like I'm going to gain an average of 2 pounds per week no matter what I do." And those were my exact words. And instead of saying, "No worries. You'll be fine. Just keep exercising as much as you can and try to eat well. Every pregnant woman's body is different," what he said was, "Well, you should really lay off the juice." Again... seriously? The only reason I drink orange juice in the morning is because I'm anemic, and his nurse (yes, HIS nurse) told me that taking my iron supplement with a glass of orange juice would help with the absorbency. Yes, we do keep apple juice in the fridge at all times because the only craving (repeat only craving) I have had at all in these 23 weeks is apple juice slushes... so instead of running out to Sonic every time I want a slush, I just put some apple juice in a small bottle and throw it in the freezer for an hour. Voila! Apple juice slush. But I do not gulp down juice. I might... might have 2 glasses a day. And that's a high estimate. So don't lecture me.

Chad ended up talking to the doctor about hunting for over 10 minutes, and I was able to calm down. (Calm down on the inside. On the outside, I don't think he could tell I was upset). When we walked outside I turned around quickly and said, "I don't understand why he was lecturing me. If the average is 14-17 pounds, and I've gained 17 then what is the issue?" Chad responded, "Are you really still on this?" He doesn't understand. I really have been trying to be healthy... I have been walking at night with him even though what I really want to do is slink down in a bubble bath for about an hour then crawl into bed by myself with my body pillow (not because I don't like Chad, of course, but because these days I really need the whole bed). I chop up pineapple and take it to work for snacks when it would be much easier to walk to the vending machine. I try. That's the point.

So after the appointment, I got in the car to drive to Laurel to go to the beach for the week with my family. And don't you know I replayed every word over and over the whole way home? And then it dawned on me. I betcha he wouldn't have said a single word about my weight had I started the pregnancy at 115 pounds. Then I got mad all over again. But I can honestly say that I am over it now. Finally. And I think that's mostly because that was my last visit with that doctor. I will be switching to my old doctor in Laurel, and I am so excited. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair done -- Hallelujah. It's been growing like a weed with these pregnancy hormones. My roots look like I painted them brown. I'm also getting my very first pedicure since....... wait for it....... the week before my wedding. (That was in January 2009 for those keeping count). Then we're heading to the beach for a week. I'll try to blog while I'm down there!

Oh, and here's what I look like this week.

The left photo is without me holding my stomach. The right photo is with me holding my stomach. See the difference? Left photo = pudgy lady. Right photo = Pregnant mama.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

22 Weeks

Starting this week, tells you how big the baby is in MONTHS, not by the week. Which I think is totally whack.... so I went to another website and discovered that MC is now the size of a spaghetti squash.

Seems pretty big, huh? Well, she's only about a pound. She's still really tiny and kind of scary looking. And here's what I look like this week:

And, yes, I do realize the irony in this photo. It was a complete accident... as far as you know.

I am still having trouble sleeping... I'm not sure if it's because I can't get comfortable or because I wake up every hour to go to the bathroom, but either way it's a pain. My belly is expanding and so is my bust line. I didn't notice any swelling until Chad and I went for a walk last night. My toes kept hitting the ends of my tennis shoes as we walked, causing them to throb and me to whine. But despite the pain, the exercise did make me feel better. I wish Chad was home more so we could walk more often. I also did a bit of cooking this weekend, so we've had good leftovers. See for yourself....

Caesar Spaghetti. Sounds bizarre, but it was really delicious. It basically contains the ingredients of a caesar salad but it's pasta. And the spinach added iron to the dish, which is good since I'm anemic. Look at that cheesy goodness. Mmmm.

No explanation necessary. Good ole Monkey Bread. Can't hardly beat it.

Would you LOOK at that?! I'm telling you, it is by far the best fruit salad I've ever had. It has pineapple, kiwi, watermelon and strawberries. All the best fruits. I can't get enough of it. I think I'll have some right now.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Belly Bumpin' and Baby Names

Brace yourself, folks. It's getting real. I went from "Oh, I'm not really showing at all...." to "Holy cow. There's a pregnant lady coming through!" in a matter of a week and a half. I am full-on baby bumpin'. Check it out.... 

These were taken on Monday.

These were taken on Wednesday.

See how it just grows overnight? It's insane. I'm really nervous about the next 18-19 weeks. I'm pretty sure we're going to need to upgrade to a king size bed. In other news, we have settled on a name. Well, actually Chad settled on it and said, "That's her name. I mean, that's what I'm going to call her. You can call her whatever you want, but to me her name is Mary Collis." Chad's first name is Collis. I'm not a huge fan of Collis for a boy, but when paired with a feminine first name it makes a pretty awesome double name for a little lady. I know about a MILLION Mary Katherines, Mary Elizabeths, Mary Carolines, Mary Anns, Mary Whatevers.... so I was quite hesitant at first, but we've decided we don't care.

Now my biggest dilemma is deciding whether or not to add a middle name. It sure would make it hard to monogram things, but I like the idea of having four names.... so we'll see. Anyway, that's the big news. Our nugget has a name. Mary Collis Patrick. Chad likes to call her MC.... and my best friend Mary Katherine (see what I mean about the Marys?) asked if she could call her MC Hammer. I told her she could call her anything she wanted. And ever since she mentioned it, Chad and I do this thing when the baby starts bouncing around in my stomach. Chad'll say, "STOP!....... Hamma time!" And we'll dance around going "Oooohh, Oooohhhh. Ooohhh, Ooooohhh." It's really fun. I hope you're around sometime when we bust it out. It takes you straight back to the 90s. I only wish I had some parachute pants and a big gold chain so we could truly do MC Hammer justice.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

21 Weeks

I am 21 weeks now, and nugget is the size of a banana. Well... the length of a banana anyway. And this, folks, is the last week that offers cute little photos of the week-by-week progress. After this week, it jumps to months. But I'm going to continue to update you every week on which fruit nugget resembles, even if I don't have an accompanying picture.... because I like it.... and it's my blog.

I gotta tell you, I got a little nervous this weekend. Not that expectant mothers get nervous a lot or anything.... especially about little things that probably don't matter.... we would never do that.... I mean, it's not like we're growing a human. But seriously, nug didn't move for like 2 days. And I got worried. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure she was moving... I just couldn't feel it like I usually do. I didn't feel her all day Friday or Saturday. Then Sunday, she came back with a vengeance. Squirming and carrying on all over the place. I tried to make Chad feel it, but he couldn't. Guess she's not big enough yet.

In other news, I ordered nugget's bedding. It was a steal! Bad news is, it's discontinued so I can't order extra sheets.... but that's the price you pay for finding a bargain. I'll just have to find a plain sheet that matches and stock up on them. We are now looking for nursery furniture, which is fun. Chad has a very good eye for furniture... and jewelry... but that's neither here nor there. We are inheriting my grandmother's old wooden rocker, which I have always loved, and my grandfather's antique high chair. You should see this high chair, y'all. It is seriously awesome. It cannot be refinished, so it might not be much use, but man she's a looker. I am also in possession of my Aunt Kathy's old wooden cradle which we were all rocked in.... I found it at Barbara's house last summer and knew I had to have it.

We also bought our crib last night! Chad picked it out.... of course. Take a gander at this GORGEOUS piece of furniture. The best part? It's a $900 crib, and we got it for $400. Go Patricks. I wish I could show you the bedding too, but I got the very last one in stock, so they took it off the website. It's beautiful though... and it was marked down from $500 to $162. Score.

And yesterday these little treasures came in the mail:

How awesome are they?! My dear friend Mac found them for me, and I had to have them. I guess that's all the news I've got today. Oh! And my lifelong friend Erin Napier, whom I lovingly refer to as Raz, let me download her Crazy Heart Soundtrack yesterday. And it's everything I hoped it would be.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Rainy Weekend Equals.....

The PERFECT time for my Dad's irresistible homemade pancakes. I mean... look how perfectly fluffy and delicious they are. These pancakes are reserved for those who will truly appreciate them. The perfect candidate? My husband. And he deserved them this weekend. He did no less than 3 loads of laundry AND the dishes at least twice. He's the man. And because he's the man, I made him pancakes... twice. :)

We stayed in bed the majority of the weekend just listening to the rain and watching movies. We rented Avatar, Crazy Heart, Where the Wild Things Are and The Blind Side. We have not yet watched the latter, as Chad REFUSES to watch it. As a matter of fact, he threw a fit right in the middle of the movie store. "That movie is NOT coming to my house. Put it back," he fussed. "No. That's ridiculous. I heard it was really good. Don't be one of those obnoxious people I despise," I argued. "Have you met me? I AM the obnoxious people you despise. And I don't want that piece of Ole Miss garbage in my house." It went back and forth for quite some time until.... I won. :)

Needless to say, he will not be watching it with me. But Avatar and Crazy Heart were both really good. And I now have this incredible urge to run out to the nearest record store and buy the Crazy Heart Soundtrack. Like, immediately. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the music... and who doesn't love Ryan Bingham? And it may sound strange -- but for those of you who have known me for any length of time know I have always had a thing for older men -- but Jeff Bridges was beyond hot in that movie. I know, I know... but let me explain. Even though I could tell that he wreaked of cheap liquor and day old cigarettes, there's just something about a scruffy man who knows how to play the guitar. Case closed.



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