Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shanny's Baby Shower & 4D Ultrasound

Shanny's baby shower was this weekend in Biloxi, and it was so much fun. She got some AWESOME gifts... and as usual with best friends, hours passed like seconds as we talked and laughed. It has been so much fun to go through pregnancy with her. She has an hour commute, so she calls me almost every single night after work to help pass the time. We talk about weird pregnancy symptoms, when our little gals are most active in the womb and how lucky we are that neither of us have had any of the "textbook" pregnancy issues (i.e. stretch marks, cravings, leg cramps in the middle of the night, that ugly dark line down the center of your belly called the "linea nigra," etc). "I am so proud of myself," I might say, "I don't have the linea nigra OR any stretch marks... oh! AND I still have an innie. I am like a pro at this pregnancy stuff." And she might respond, "I know! We're so lucky. What are all these people complaining about? Pregnancy is a breeze."

Well, we USED to talk about how lucky we were.... And now reality has set in. In the last two weeks I have developed two nasty patches of stretch marks (right near the belly button, mind you), and Shanny has developed that ugly little line down her mid-section. Now we talk about how typical it is that two city gals such as ourselves who have even been called "spoiled" at times (gasp!) would be so naive to think that they would completely surpass all the ugliness that pregnancy entails. Now our conversations are more like this: "Did I tell you I got two sets of stretch marks RIGHT beside my belly button? Now, don't get me wrong... I still have an innie, but I'm just waiting for it to pop out." And she'll say something like "Ugh. I know. I got that line down the center of my stomach, and my belly button is totally flat now."

I still think we have it pretty good... I never got sick, I don't have any weird cravings that drive my husband crazy, I still don't have the linea nigra (knock on wood), no leg cramps and no heartburn or indigestion (ps. what's the difference?). I really have had an incredibly easy pregnancy. My only complaints are that I have frequent lower back pain and I can no longer reach my legs to shave them. Oh, and I can't sleep. But I really don't think you can consider that a characteristic of bad pregnancy. It's just physically impossible. Anyway, she's one of my best friends and I adore her and I'm so happy we can share this fun time together. Here are some snapshots of her baby shower:

Seriously, she really IS pregnant. Me - 29 weeks - and Shanny - 31 weeks.

The amazing bassinet her Aunt Tina made. This picture doesn't do it justice. It was insanely gorgeous.

And Tina's had 4 kids, so she knew all the perfect goodies to stuff in the bassinet. I wanted everything in this goody basket.

Delicious cake with Pey Pey's initials on it. Miss Peyton Anne Howell will be one ROTTEN little girl.

Diaper cake her other aunt made. See the cute little MSU cheerleader on top? It was precious.

And here's a photo to prove that my hair really did look cute when I left the house. But it was a 2 hour drive, so my hair was the sacrifice.... and my lower back. This is 29 weeks exactly.

Me and MaryCollis at 29 weeks. Looking pretty good, huh? Don't tell me otherwise. I'm likely to have a meltdown.

Now, let's get to the 4D ultrasound. Yesterday Chad and I went back to Premier Imaging to get our 4D ultrasound. I was so excited to see how much MC had changed over the last 2 months. But just as I laid down on the bed and Pat squirted the warm goo on my belly, I felt a huge tumble in the womb. This wasn't your average kick or jab, this was a clear rotation. And sure enough, Pat started looking around and MC had completely turned over to face my back. Now, she has pretty much been in the head down position since the beginning, which is great... nobody wants a breech bebe... but she has usually been facing my stomach which is what you need for good ultrasound photos. But just as soon as we got into the ultrasound room, she did the big rotation and she's been there ever since. I guess I can't get too upset though because she is in the perfect position for delivery. We did get a few shots, but they were all of the back of her head.

I know this looks creepy, but this is the back/side of her head. See her little ear? And it looks like she's got her fist up right beside her face. We discovered this is a favorite position for her. I was disappointed when I saw this shot.... no hair. I came out with a head FULL of hair, so I'm really hoping she does too.

So we know she has 5 fingers... at least on one hand anyway.


I went back to Premier today because I could have sworn she rolled back over... negative... still in birthing position. So Pat told me to just keep coming back until we saw her little face. Bless that woman's heart. She must know what it's like to be a first time mother (i.e. a neurotic, emotional mess). So I'll go back in a couple of days and maybe I'll get to see MC's face.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Starkville Baby Shower

My Starkville baby shower was last weekend, and it was awesome! I got to see so many wonderful friends that I haven't seen in ages. We gabbed and gabbed until finally someone said, "Okay! Let's get started!" After the shower was over, we decided that we hadn't spent enough time together, so we all gathered at UMI for a nice, long sushi lunch. We talked and laughed until we were all so full and tired we couldn't move. It was just like old times. After lunch, everyone went their separate ways and I got kind of emotional. It's so sad when your good friends leave after such a perfect weekend. You always wish they could stay a little while longer. Here are some photos from the shower:

This is my dear, sweet, precious friend Lauren. She is MC's godmother. And after all the gifts she got for her this weekend, I think we shall call her The Fairy Godmother.

Aunt Ashmo -- or as MC will call her -- Aunt Christmas. This is my brother's wife, but we've been friends for 10 years. She's been a friend for a long time... and now she's my sister. :)

This is Mary Kate. She rocks my socks. She's one of my GAs, but I like to call her my friend. I also like to tell everyone that she's Jake Tomlinson's girlfriend.... because everyone knows Jake Tomlinson.

Pardon my double chin, but Chad took this photo whilst sitting on the couch. That's never a good angle for any woman. But after the shower, MK showed up with this precious little creature. It's a shorkey. I really hope that when she grows up she is less "sh" and more "orkey." Because let's face it, yorkies are way cuter than shih tzus (No offense, Lauren and Ash! You know how much I love your sweet baby girls.). This was the first time Gerty had seen anyone smaller than her. But it won't last long.... Sister (the shorkey) is only 11 weeks old. She has a lot of growing to do... and I think Gert knew it. She had this look on her face like "Just wait, tiny stranger. Next time we meet I'll be the baby again.") Sister was cute though, and she loved Chad.

All the pregnant ladies, all the pregnant ladies. Now put your hands up! Beyonce, anyone? No? You don't think 3 pregnant ladies would look cute in black leotards and 6-inch heels? You're probably right.

Shanny (30 weeks), me (28 weeks) and Emily (21 weeks). Shannon really is pregnant, y'all, I swear.

All the hostesses. They were wonderful.
Emily, Hillary, Mac and Holly.

Hehe. Little pink booties on top of the petit fours.

Opening gifts. MaryCollis got lots of great things. We've decided that sweet little lambs (or sheep) are going to be her thing. We're not going to decorate her whole room in them, but each time we go on a trip or stop to by her a gift, it'll be a lamb. My Great Aunt Marion Nelle came to the shower, and she got MC an adorable stuffed lamb for her nursery!

The gifts before I tore into them. See the precious little pink rocking chair Aunt Lauren got for MC? I told you she was a fairy godmother.

Shannon's baby shower is this weekend on the coast, and I'm super excited about it. I'm not so much excited about driving 4 hours to get there (Holy back pain, Batman!), but I am excited to see her and all the cute little things she receives for Baby Peyton.

The next couple of weekends are going to be CRAZY, y'all. This Saturday I have an MSU freshman orientation then I have to high tail it to Biloxi for Shanny's shower on Sunday. Next weekend (July 3 weekend) is my birthday (I'll be 25!). The next weekend I have to go home for a doctor's appointment then my mom and I leave for Orange Beach to take her annual staff to a yearbook clinic for a week (July 10-17). And the weekend after that is my Laurel baby shower (July 24)... then before you know it, August will be here and I'll be at home on bed rest waiting for this nugget to pop out. My mom SWEARS I will deliver at 37 weeks because she delivered at 37 weeks with all three of her children. If I deliver at 37 weeks, MC will be here sometime around August 22. That's no time. Yikes.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Updated photos of MaryCollis

I got another ultrasound 3 weeks ago, and I haven't shared the pictures with y'all because they weren't on a disk and it's kind of a nightmare to scan them into my computer. But my favorite aunt is across zee pond in Holland (isn't that vierd?!) and requested updated photos of MaryCollis. So here they are. By the way, we did decide to name her MaryCollis Malone Patrick. MaryCollis is one word. So for those wishing to have things monogrammed, it is mPm. And for those that have already had things monogrammed using mPc (KATE COVICH!), no worries. After all, I'm sure she'll be called MC for short, so it works out. Here's the little bugger at 25 weeks:

Sorry it's crooked. I told you scanning was a nightmare.

At some point in the next week or so we are going to go back to Premier Imaging in Starkville to have MC's 4D ultrasound. I can't wait to see what she looks like. We're hoping for my eyes (not that we'll be able to see those just yet), my hair, my teeth, my nose (as Chad describes it: "I hope she looks like you from the waist up"), Chad's great legs, Chad's athleticism and Chad's sense of humor. The tushy and feet are a toss up. Chad's butt is completely flat. Seriously, y'all. I don't know how his pants stay up. Mine is, uh, well let's just say I wouldn't wish it on anybody. And the feet: Chad's feet are kind of bony... and his toes look weird... but they're cute. I happen to like my feet, it's just that they're very wide and my toes have been compared to that of a monkey... in fact, I can pick large items up with my toes. But basically all we're asking for is my body from the waist up and his from the thighs down.... as for what comes in between, we can only hope it's a mixture of my tushy and his.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

One More Thing about NOLA

Oh! I forgot to tell y'all that while we were on the Babymoon something really exciting happened. For the very first time, a stranger commented on my bump. I thought it would never happen... I mean, sheesh, I'm in my 3rd trimester... it's about time. When Chad dropped me off at The Roosevelt for my massage, the sweetest little bellhop helped me out of the car and up the stairs. Then he said, "Good afternoon, Mrs. Patrick. Are you ready for your spa treatment?" To which I replied, "Absolutely. Show me the way." While we were walking, he asked how far along I was and if it was a boy or girl. I think I was so excited someone actually noticed that I was pregnant and not just fat that I'm not even sure I answered his question. YAY for sweet strangers!

Also, my Starkville baby shower is this weekend, and I am so excited. All of my best friends will be there... well, not all of them, but a good many of them. My sweetest friend Lauren-- and my only redheaded friend-- is coming into town tomorrow evening, and I'm like a giddy schoolgirl waiting for her arrival. I haven't seen her in about 6 months... since Christmas. She kept Gerty while Chad and I went to Disney World with Will and Ash, and that was the last time I saw her. I love her. This is what she looks like:

My sister Ashley will be arriving tomorrow evening as well, which is equally exciting. We have been friends for 10 years, y'all. (She's not really my sister, by the way.... she just married my brother.... but I knew her LONG before he did!) We have made plans to go see Sex and The City 2 after the shower. Wahoo! Y'all all know Ashley....

My spoiled, innocent, naive, tender-hearted, sweet little Shanny is coming as well. She's pregnant too, and it has been SO much fun to go through this together. I haven't seen her since March, so I can't wait to compare bumps and insecurities. And we have made plans to go eat sushi after the shower. It's kind of our thing. A tradition started long, long ago when we lived on Old Mayhew Road together. Good times. This is my Shanny girl. Old picture, but you get the idea.

My dear friends Mac, Hillary, Holly and Emily are hosting the shower. Mac is truly my counterpart. I think I've told y'all that before. We are pretty much the same person... it's just that I'm the "good" twin and she's the "evil" twin. We both tell it like it is, just in different ways. I adore her. This is a photo from her wedding last year.

My old friend Nicole is coming, which I could not be more thrilled about. I haven't seen her in about.... 4 years? That's a long time. And she's driving all the way from Jackson to come see me! How sweet. Supposedly my lifelong best friend Mary Katherine is coming from Oxford, but I haven't heard from her this week so who knows. It would be great if she did.... she hasn't been to Starkpatch in 3-4 years. A lot has changed. I couldn't find a picture of me & Nicole if you paid me to. But here's me and MK:

Anyway, I am super excited about seeing everyone, and I'm also really excited about the food. Mac said we were having quiche, sausage and cheese muffins, fruit, sweet rolls, banana bread, petit fours and punch. Oh my. I do love brunch foods. It's going to be a great weekend... Now, if only this dang workweek would end!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We got back from our Babymoon on Sunday, and y'all let me just tell you.... best weekend ever. If you are expecting, you must go on a Babymoon. Like immediately. We hit the road Thursday morning, stopped in Laurel to drop Gerty off with my parents and arrived in New Orleans around 4:00. After driving for 4 hours, I had to rest... so I took a little cat nap while Chad watched World Cup coverage. The pregnancy hunger hit me about 5:00, so off we went to Acme Oyster House. It wasn't very far from our hotel, so we just walked. I had never been because I always try to eat somewhere different when I'm in NOLA and there are just so many restaurants to choose from. Luckily, the line wasn't very long when we got there, so we were seated within 10 minutes.

We had the charbroiled oysters with parmesan cheese and garlic butter (yum!) for an appetizer. He ordered The Peacemaker Po-boy (it's half shrimp, half oyster), and I had the sampler platter that came with tiny bowls of jambalaya, red beans and rice and gumbo. For those that know me, you know I like to eat family style. I'm a huge fan of the "schmorgesborg." I like to have a little bit of everything, so any time I can get a sampler-type plate I'm a happy camper. Everything was delicious. After dinner, we walked around for a while before stopping at Cafe Du Monde for dessert. It's so much easier to go at night because no one is there. In the morning, you're lucky if you only have an hour wait. Who's going to wait that long for great beignets but terrible service? Not me. We split an order of the fried delicacies, and I washed mine down with an ice cold chocolate milk. We burned off a few of those calories by walking back to the hotel in the 100-degree weather. Yuck.

The next morning, Chad sent me down to have waffles and breakfast potatoes while he went to work. After breakfast, I went to the rooftop pool and swam for a bit. Chad picked me up around 11:30, and we headed out in search of food. We walked and walked before we finally gave up on finding a really cool hole-in-the-wall type place... It was over 100 degrees, and we were hungry. Not to mention, I had to be at the spa by 1:00pm so we were pressed for time. We stopped at La Cote Brasserie. I ordered the cobb salad (amazing), and chad had a shrimp po-boy. The fried shrimp on his po-boy were some of the best I've ever had. Delish. After lunch Chad dropped me off at the Roosevelt, and I headed straight for the spa. HOLY. COW. I slipped into the cozy robe and slippers and went back to the spa room. My goodness gracious. It was fabulous. Now, I've had plenty of massages in my day.... so I'm not wet behind the ears in the spa department. This place was the real deal. Thank you, Chad. The masseuse was a sweet, young thing who was extremely easy to talk to (Dangit! The point of a spa is to not talk!), and it turns out she was expecting too. She placed my sore, aching feet into a boiling hot tub of water. As she washed my feet, we gabbed about pregnancy and how great it is. My feet felt better already. I took my robe off and placed myself under the 3,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets that were waiting for me on the table. Sweet Jesus. Take me now. Bella (my masseuse) surrounded my entire body with fluffy pillows to make me as comfortable as possible since pregnant ladies can't lay on their stomachs. I won't go into all the details, but just hear this: I'm not sure I will ever get a regular massage again. Pre-natal is where it's at, y'all. It was the best 2 hours of my life.

After the massage, I changed into my cute little swimsuit and headed to the rooftop terrace to hit the pool. And let me just tell you, the pool at The Roosevelt is a happening place. I found myself a cozy lounge chair and ordered a virgin Mango Daquiri. It might have melted within the first 5 minutes I was there, but it was good. When I say it was 110 degrees, I'm not kidding. NOLA was under heat advisory for the entire weekend. After I just couldn't stand it any more, I went back to the room. I bathed my uber-relaxed body underneath all 5 shower heads before I slipped into one of those amazing robes they leave you in Waldorf Astoria hotels. This is the life. I took a nap until Chad got home from work (poor sap), then we headed out to dinner. We walked to Mother's, and we couldn't believe our eyes when the line was inside the door. Mother's always has a line at least halfway down the block. It was meant to be. Chad had the Ferdi with fries, and I had the Ralph (a Ferdi with cheese) and a cup of jambalaya. Best jambalaya ever, y'all. I'm just saying. Earlier I said I always try to eat somewhere different every time I visit New Orleans, but Mother's is the exception. We always, always, always eat at Mother's. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and watched Alice in Wonderland while munching on gourmet cheesecake and red velvet cake from the restaurant downstairs. Alice was just okay. Not too impressed. I slept beautifully that night.... I think it had something to do with the massage earlier that day.

Saturday morning, we got to Jackson Square around 9 and took some photos, walked around a bit, then popped into a street cafe for some brunch. By the time we finished, the shops were opening. We walked from shop to shop in search of something for the baby. I told Chad we could not go back home without something for MC. One of the stores had cute little outfits, but nothing I couldn't live without, and the rest of the stores kind of sucked -- for lack of a better word. So we left that area and walked down Royal to look at some antique shops. One particular shop caught my eye because I spotted a teeny tiny chandelier that was exactly what I'd been looking for to hang in the nursery. Well, it wasn't EXACTLY what I'd been looking for... because it cost $1,950. Yes. Dollars. We admired the rest of the antiques from afar and didn't dare touch a price tag the rest of the day.

Once again we found ourselves hot, tired and hungry. Chad had to be home by 12:30 to watch the USA play against England, so we stopped at the first restaurant we saw. Normally, I would've suggested we keep walking because it didn't look like a local dive which is the kind of place I like to eat when on vacation. But it was sweltering, and mama needed to eat. So in we walked to Deanie's Seafood. Surprisingly, it was good. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't great and we probably won't be going back, but it was good. That's the great thing about New Orleans... you just can't get bad food. Plus, we loved our waiter. He told us exactly what to order: Charbroiled oysters for appetizer (yes, we already had these at Acme, but we love them), a cup of gumbo for each of us and the fried shrimp and oyster combo to share. The charbroiled oysters and gumbo were the best, but the shrimp weren't bad either. After getting nice and full, we hit the pavement again. On the way back to The Roosevelt, we stopped at Walgreen's for some supplies. Diet Cokes for him, Vitamin Water for me and chocolate for us both.

We returned just in time for the World Cup to begin. He grunted and applauded and screamed silently as I took a nap. I woke up with 3 minutes to go, and we were tied. And from what I understand, that's called a draw? Whatever. I was ready to go to Magazine Street to do some shopping for MC. Magazine is awesome... I had actually never been before. The cabby dropped us off around 6000 Magazine. We browsed in a few little children's shops but didn't find anything we had to have. The next baby store was at 2929 Magazine... that's over 30 blocks for those of you counting. "It's 4:20. I don't think we can make it before they close, babe," Chad said sweetly. "Yes, we can. Come on!" And off we went. At 4:50 we were at 3600. "Seriously, babe. It's 4:50." I ignored him and picked up the pace. Sweat was pouring down my back. My face was beet red, my heart was racing and I just knew I was going to die. Right here and now.... but I must go on. We walked up to the store as the clock struck 5:00, and the sales girl was locking the door. "NOOOOOOO!" I might have even used a slightly more inappropriate phrase, but I can't remember. We walked up to the window, and I pressed my sweaty forehead against the glass and cupped my hands around my eyes so I could see inside. It was huge. It was glorious. I just knew they had exactly what I wanted for MC. Chad tried to pull me away, but I just couldn't leave. I am over 6 months pregnant, and I had just walked more than 30 blocks to get to this store. The sales lady spotted me at the window and mouthed "Do you want to come in?" Ummmm, is this a trick question? Then I mumbled something like, "Yes, yes! Please! Thank... so much. We just.... for 45 minutes to get here... over 30 blocks... tired... thank you... feels so good in here." They told us to please take our time and browse the store, but we felt so bad for keeping them. So we pretty much just picked up everything we saw and shoved it on the counter. And they were so nice. I do wish we had more time to look... maybe next time.

Needless to say, we could barely move after our ridiculous 30-block stunt, but Juan's Flying Burrito was another 10 blocks away, and that's where we wanted to eat. So off we went again.... we got to Juan's and I immediately stopped at the ladies room. You know when you take off your soaking wet swimsuit to go to the bathroom and you can't get it back up because it's so wet? Just imagine me trying to pull my sopping wet pants back up. It must've taken 5 minutes. I plopped down at the table and guzzled the huge glass of water Chad had ordered me while I was in the bathroom, then I guzzled his too. I was feeling better, but my dogs were really barking. We ordered queso/guac/salsa for an appetizer. The guacamole was amazing... and I don't say that lightly... because I'm one of those people who believe their homemade guacamole is the only one worth eating. It's not so. I had the luau quesadilla (with grilled shrimp, pineapple salsa and bacon), and Chad had the flying burrito. I think mine was the better of the two, but they were both delicious. After dinner we called a cab. No more of this walking nonsense. I'm carrying a human... that's exercise enough for me.

I took a much-needed shower and washed the day off myself then crawled into bed. A couple of hours later, I went down to the little restaurant downstairs and got us some peanut butter and jelly gourmet chocolates. Seriously, y'all. You gotta try it. They were $2.50/piece, so you know they were good. Chad stayed up to watch World Cup coverage, and I slept like a baby.

We checked out Sunday morning and headed to the French Quarter in search of one last meal before we hit the road. We passed Cafe du Monde, and it was insane... no way I'm waiting that long. Then we found Cafe Beignet, and it was not quite as insane, but again... no way I'm waiting that long. We passed Brennan's, but it's too expensive for a quickie breakfast. And then there she was... the hole-in-the-wall type of place I love. A diamond in the rough. Cafe Fleur-De-Lis. There might have been a total of 10 tables in the whole place, but I knew when I saw the pancakes it was going to be a real gem. And it was. Holy cow. Pretty much the best pancakes I've ever had (sorry, Dad!). Chad had the Fleur De Lis omelet with crawfish and some type of sauce on top, but I think we both agree that the pancakes were by far the best. We stuffed ourselves silly and headed back to the car. Sadly, our Babymoon was over. But it was awesome. It really, truly was. And I kept telling Chad how much I loved it the whole way home. Here are some photos from our trip! (Once again, no photos of Chad. He kept saying, "You get in the picture, Mama!" I sincerely regret not having one single photo of the two of us together).

Waiting to be seated in front of Acme on our first night in NOLA. 26 Weeks, 4 Days. Little girl is getting big.

JAX Brewery.

The Cathedral on the Square. So pretty.

Inside the Cathedral. Man, it felt good in there. The heat index was 110 the whole weekend, so any AC we could find was much appreciated!

Gorgeous stained glass.

Chad: "Take a picture of that knight. He's Cool."

In front of the statue on Jackson Square. I am 27 Weeks in this photo.

Roosevelt Hotel lobby (where we stayed).

This is me trying to learn how to make photos look vintage in Photoshop. I'm not very good yet, but I will be! The sun was right behind us, but I kinda like it.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I forgot to tell y'all we went to Shiloh Military Park weekend before last. On Saturday June 5th, after being lazy all day, Chad said: "I am so tired of laying in bed all weekend. Let's go do something." Well, by that time it was Saturday afternoon, so we decided we'd wait until Sunday. We woke up bright and early Sunday morning and headed to Shiloh, Tennessee, to the national military park. I didn't know it was in Tennessee... Chad just said "It's near Corinth." He probably knew that if he told me it was in Tennessee I would have declined. You see, I don't travel very well anymore. I can't get comfortable -- especially in a car -- and every part of my body falls asleep. So off we went to Tennessee... with me none the wiser.

We arrived around 9am and stopped at a gas station for drinks and snacks. That's another thing... I get hungry a lot. And when the hunger hits, you better be prepared. It's not the normal kind of hunger that creeps up on you. Pregnancy hunger hits you like a ton of bricks, and you don't have a choice. You gotsta eat. NOW. We entered the military park and stopped at the welcome center. We went to the bathroom (okay, okay... I went to the bathroom), got a map and purchased the tour CD. We did the tour from our car, so I didn't have to walk very far. We'd listen to the history of each landmark, then hop out and take pictures and look around for a bit, then hop back in the car and listen and so on. Every once in a while I would opt to stay inside the car with Gerty -- You know, because the poor thing has all that thick hair.... and, uh.... I wouldn't want her to get too hot.... it's not good for dogs to get overheated (okay, okay.... I was too hot).

The tour took us about 3 hours. By the time we finished at 12:30, I was starving. And Corinth was 30 minutes away.... uh-oh. Luckily, I made it. We stopped at Arby's, and not a minute too soon. I devoured that beef 'n cheddar, and the curly fries didn't survive my pregnancy hunger either. It was ugly. But then I was satisfied, and I slept like a baby the whole way home. When we arrived at our house, we were both still tired so we took a long nap. I woke up around 5:30, unpacked my suitcase from when I visited Laurel for my doctor's appointment a few days before, made dinner, lolligagged around.....

Then around 8:30 I decided I needed a bath. I took my shirt off and examined myself in the mirror (you know... to make sure I didn't have any stretch marks or anything unsightly like that). I turned from one side to the other and noticed two small specks on my right side. I said to myself, "Hmmm. I don't have moles there. That's odd." I squinted really hard but still couldn't tell what it was, so I slipped my glasses on and oh.... my..... god. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. (This is the dialogue as I'm running around the house in a panic trying to find Chad). "TICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted. I picked the little bastards off just as fast as I could and flushed them down the toilet. I have never had a tick in my life. Never. Let alone two at once. "Babe!!! There were TWO of them! Two of them right on my belly! What if I get lyme disease? What if it hurts the baby? What do we do?" It was at that point that he gave me that look that says "Shut up, woman. You are irrational and ridiculous." Chad gets ticks all the time from hunting and such. I've never had the pleasure.

Even after bathing, I still felt nasty. Violated. Diseased. Infected. They itched. "Are they supposed to itch like this?" I asked. "Yes, honey. The bites will itch for a few days." I wasn't convinced. I was even MORE unconvinced when a few days later I read that my friend Conner Dillard's little brother contracted lyme disease from.... what else? a TICK bite! And so starts the paranoia. The first bite seemed to go away in no time, but the second one -- which is much higher up and I can't see it by looking down due to the 20 extra pounds I'm carrying, so I have to look in the mirror -- seems to be lingering. It's itchy, it's red and it's haunting me. It's been 9 or 10 days, and it's still there. My dad said not to worry unless I started feeling sick, but I can't help myself. So here's hoping I'm just a stupid woman and nothing is wrong with me. Here are a few photos from our trip:

Me and the Gertster. She loves family trips... She's a trooper.

I think we caught Gerty mid-tee tee, but here I am 26 weeks to the day.
As always, no pictures of Chad. He always wants to be the photographer.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

26 Weeks

I had my first appointment with Dr. Weber Thursday. It. Was. AWESOME. I can't tell you how pleased I was with the whole experience. Dr. W got stuck in surgery, but he called to check on me and make sure I was comfortable with seeing someone else instead. Love that man. I saw a nurse practitioner instead, and I absolutely fell in love with her. She was funny and informative and patient and just lovely. I had no idea I was scheduled for an ultrasound (yay!), but after I saw the practitioner they took me to the ultrasound room. I was so excited... you know getting ultrasounds is my favorite part. I think you should be required to get ultrasounds at least once a month. So I got to see MC on the big screen once again, and they confirmed she is in fact a girl! Phew.... thank goodness. A boy sure would look funny in all those dresses my mom bought.

But wait, there's more! They informed me that I am about a week farther along than we thought. She is due September 12 instead of September 17. So I am now 26 weeks. AND they also told me that most women prefer to be induced in the 39th week as to make sure their doctor delivers the baby instead of the doctor on call. So in addition to LOVING my doctor visit, I pretty much skipped 2 weeks of being pregnant! I'm a week farther along, and I get to deliver a week early! Does it get any better? I think not.

PS. I've been thinking about MC's name. My mom really wants me to make Mary Collis one word (MaryCollis). And it's growing on me.... My mom is a teacher, and she said it will make MC's life so much easier because it will say "Patrick, MaryCollis" on the roll and not just "Patrick, Mary." It's a valid point. Chad goes by his middle name, which is a little bit of a different circumstance because she would go by her first and middle names, but it always said "Patrick, Collis" on the roll which can be frustrating for a child. I don't think it's that big of a deal either way, but if we make it one word we've got to come up with a middle name. Malone is one of our family names, and I've always liked it. In fact, before Chad and I started dating, my girl name was Mary Malone. If we used it, she would have one of his family names and one of mine (well, actually 2 of his names if you count the last name). MaryCollis Malone Patrick. What do you think?



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