Monday, January 31, 2011

We have a foot-grabber!

Not much new going on with us - except that MaryCollis is now grabbing her feet. Not all the time, but a lot. It's really cute. And I just so happened to catch it on camera! Check it out. (Note: She's also screaming in this video - she loves it). Also, she rolls over to her side a lot. She hasn't made it all the way to her tummy, but she sure does love to just lay there on her side and play! We've also caught her side-sleeping a few times.

Let me play some catch-up. Last Monday, we went to Mom's to celebrate her birthday. Here are some shots:

 We also went walking with Jenna & Emma for the first time since November (it's been COLD in the 'Sip). Gosh, I sure do love our walks. And the bebes get some mighty fine exercise.

We also went to the Laurel Main Street meeting, and MaryCollis got to hang out with Mr. Ben again. Aren't they a cute couple?! You can't tell, but MC has little ruffles on her booty - I think that's what hooked Big Ben.
This weekend we went to Starkville and had a great time:

Uncle Andrew makes her laugh:

This was taken today as Chad and I were leaving for the day. MC & Ily B had a big time while we were at work! :)

This video was taken today after her afternoon nap. She must've woken up refreshed and ready to play because she gets VIOLENT with that bird!

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mammy's birthday - she's 58, can you even believe that?! Age doesn't ever occur to me when I look at her, but if it did 58 would certainly not be the number I came up with. She has aged very gracefully - never succumbing to the ugly teacher-type sweaters and orthopedic shoes most women her age sport, never going more than 2 weeks without getting her hair and nails done, always fixing up before she leaves the house (unless she's going to Lowe's). She still cooks homemade meals at least 3-4 nights a week. She single-handedly directs the pageant at her school, the yearbook, all photography taken on campus and all t-shirt designs/sales all while keeping MaryCollis every time I have a meeting as well as every Saturday night, helping me study for Praxis tests, judging essay contests and about a million other things. The woman is a machine... and she's mine. :)

I'd like to think I got the very best of her - but the truth is I'm everything she is without the smarts. Don't get me wrong, I'm an okay student and I managed to graduate with a 3.8 GPA from grad school but I'm no Einstein. My mom has this amazing ability to be good at EVERY.THING. Well, except sports. But she has a knack for public speaking, she's a history buff and a lover of genealogy, she is of course the most wonderful English teacher I know and she can read a book in a little over 4 hours. She's fabulous, and I love her. Happy birthday, Mom!

Me & Mom's first photo - 1 Day Old

High School Graduation - 2003

Cocktail party - 2006

A friend's wedding - 2008

Christmas Eve 2010

oh. my. gosh.

A friend of mine shared her 2011 "style crush" recently... and it took me literally no time to decide who mine was. I'll never do anything about it because I don't shop... and I hardly ever wear makeup anymore... and I wear ponytails every day because I have a 4-month-old hanging off me 24/7... but it's fun to pretend.

SO - I immediately googled the show Parenthood because I love the girl who plays Amber. She's so quirky and totally cool without trying. I click on the IMDb link and I scroll down to see who all she's played - you know, just for fun. And my jaw literally fell to the floor when I read... wait for it...... wait for it.......... Hope Floats: "Bernice Pruitt." Shut. your. mouth. That DORKY little kid with the big ears and 3-inch-thick glasses who belonged to Sandra Bullock and was so obnoxious?! You have to be kidding. (They were not).

My Style Crush 2011: Mae Whitman (how cool is her name too!). Check it out.... before and after pics.

Before.... Bernice Matice.

And after.... absolutely fabulous.

I adore these glasses.... I want some asap.

She plays guitar (and apparently the ukulele as well) and sings.... *sigh*.

Totally gorgeous.

Happy Monday! And also... happy birthday to my mom! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Great Weekend

Good afternoon all! The Patrick Clan had a fabulous weekend - here's a recap.

Friday MaryCollis and I played together for a long time, and she fell in love with her Panda that Aunt Kathryn got her in Japan while on her honeymoon in 2010. She especially loves to put it in her mouth.

Also... I dressed MC in the cutest outfit ever and we had a mini photo shoot before I took her to Gamma and Doc's for the weekend. A vintage-esque Gap onesie paired with grey leggings and a hat with ears. Doesn't get much cuter than that.
I also decided to document Buggy's hair growth as I truly believe it has gotten longer and thicker. The 2 left photos were taken at 3 weeks and 6 weeks respectively. The 3 right photos were taken this week (20 weeks). I mean, it's not like she's going to be wearing a ponytail any time soon, but still. Look how BALD she was in that photo with Mom!!!

 Saturday night Chad and I double-dated with some of our favorites: Wittle Ewin and Big Ben. We feasted on fabulous food at The Loft before walking to the Laurel Little Theater, where we watched Rocky. I don't remember Rocky & Apollo Creed "tying" at the end, but I also didn't remember much else about it. And now all I will ever think about for the rest of my life when I see any of the Rockys or look at Sylvester Stallone is the fact that he was a porn star prior to becoming famous. (Thanks, Erin!) Ps. Chad, get a personality in this photo. For real.

MaryCollis followed Gerty for a long time with her eyes, and I got a few precious shots of her laughing at her furry big sister. The second photo in this series makes me laugh - it's like she decided to break dance right in the middle.

And this morning we went to church! Look at those rosey cheeks - I didn't even use Photoshop!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Delicious Dinner

Since I've become a mom, I have also become a coupon addict. I noticed this week that "Coupon Suzy" had a coupon for a Wanchai Ferry frozen dinner. Chad hates frozen dinners. He'll eat Hot Pockets or the occasional frozen pizza but that's the extent of his frozen travels. I, on the other hand, love anything and everything frozen - Lean Cuisines, Lean Pockets, Toaster Strudel, frozen pizza, frozen chicken strips, you name it. So while at Wal-Mart, I picked up the Shrimp Lo Mein with Vegetables dinner for two (and I saved $1.50!)

A couple of nights ago, Chad was out of town so it was the perfect time to try the frozen meal. It's not the kind that comes in a tray that you put in the microwave. You actually have to stir-fry it. And let me tell you - it was amazing! Even the shrimp tasted good, which is quite an accomplishment because even to me (a lover of frozen treats) frozen shrimp did not sound great. I threw some egg rolls in the oven, and I had a meal! The egg rolls were perfectly crunchy and delicious. All around, the perfect meal. You should try it!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MC's new thang

Behold! MaryCollis has something to say:

My dad has a video of her squealing like this for a good 5 minutes solid with no interruption. I'll have to get him to email it to me.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Okay. Seriously.

Not that MaryCollis has ever been a marathon sleeper - but now we've got some serious issues, folks. Usually, she sleeps from at LEAST 8-5 and then whimpers a bit around 5:15; I go put her pacifier in and she drifts back off (by herself). Side note: I would prefer to just let her cry it out but our rooms are right beside each other in this rental house, so I would go absolutely insane if I had to listen to it. Some nights (I'd say about 1-3 times per week), she'll sleep 8-7 without a peep. We love those nights.

But over the past 2 weeks her sleeping pattern has changed. She has been waking up every 1-2 hours ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I feel like I've been through every scenario of what it could be: Teething? I've tried Tylenol and Orajel. Too hot? No blanket. Too cold? More blanket. Gas? Gas drops. Constipation from starting solids? That shouldn't be the case because I've been putting oatmeal in her bottle since she was 6 weeks old. Growth spurt/hungry? Also shouldn't be the case since she's getting more food now with starting solids. I've tried more naps during the day, less naps during the day. I've even read "What to Expect" the whole way through - I thought it was supposed to be some kind of best seller? Not one of my questions was addressed. Typical.

I haven't done anything differently. We always do bath, bottle, bed. I mean, she did start solids this week. And now Ily B keeps her on Mondays while I work, and she goes to MMO on Thursdays while I work. Could that be throwing her off SO much that she won't sleep well? What the HECK could it be, y'all?! I need guidance... or suggestions... or just a friend to complain to. :)

Friday, January 14, 2011


As mentioned earlier, MaryCollis started solids this week. And she's a rock star at it. Seriously. Every Mom I've ever known tells stories about how their baby HATED solids for at least a month and finally they came around to very few things like oatmeal and sweet potatoes. We've only done oatmeal and rice cereal (we'll start sweet potatoes next week), but she likes it. A lot. She LUNGES toward the spoon and she gets very upset if I don't feed her fast enough. See it for yourself!

And that's how it's done, son.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life at Lucky Luxe

This week was my first week to actually go into the office - and I gotta tell you, it was awesome. I missed the Doodle Bug but it was so nice to have some adult interaction and to feel like I was a real person that contributed to society and not just Mommy. Monday Barbara kept MaryCollis while I worked from 9:30-1:30. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked from home, and today I took MC to Mother's Morning Out while I worked from 9-12 then I picked her up and brought her back to LL and worked 12-3 with her sleeping/playing in the next room (the church is literally 1 block away). She did a nice pooper around 1PM, so Erin got to witness true Mommyhood.

We were SWAMPED today. I don't know if someone did a feature on LL or what, but I worked nonstop from 9-3. As I put it to Erin: "I haven't even checked Facebook one single time!" Ha. I thrive under pressure, so I was right at home. I answered 18 emails in 6 hours. That may seem like a long time per email, and let me be honest - It is. But some people need 4 different quotes (1 for if I decide to do this invitation and another if I decide to add this and bla bla bla) and some people want to discuss color schemes until they're blue in the face and some people have 978 questions, so it takes some time.

I haven't taken a photo of my "work space" but it's pretty cute, y'all. I'll take some photos Monday. But for now, you can click here. You see that cute little desk with framed silhouette on it? That's MINE! :)


MC's 4-Month Update!

MaryCollis is still growing quickly! She got shots on Monday, which went much better than last time. Here are her 4 month stats:

-She weighs 15 pounds 10 ounces and is 25.5 inches long (They measured her crooked, so I think she's really more like 26 inches); Her head circumference is 16.5 inches

-She is still on a strict feeding schedule. She eats 6 ounces every 4 hours totaling 3 bottles: 8AM, 12PM and 4PM. She eats 7 ounces with 3 TB of oatmeal in her nighttime bottle at 8PM. Bath is always at 7:30PM and bed is about 8:30PM. She still wakes up in the night most of the time (I'd say about 80% of the time) but we no longer take a bottle - ever. Because there are nights when she sleeps 8PM - 7AM, I know she no longer needs that bottle. She is capable of sleeping without waking up, so no more bottles. When she does wake up, she goes back to sleep with her pacifier, sleep sheep and lamb blanket. So, she eats 4 times per day - 25 total ounces daily.

-Still use about 6 diapers a day.

-Size 2 diapers - about to move up to Size 3 when we run out of Size 2.

-3-6 month clothing in some things (dresses, jackets & pants) & 6-9 in other things (onesies & sleepers). She can still wear 0-3 shoes. She outgrows onesies & sleepers very quickly because she's so long.

-She still loves the stroller (which we haven't seen in a while due to the COLD), carseat, pacifier, bath time, mornings and TV.

-She sleeps 10-11 hours total at night and takes several cat naps during the day (about eight 30-minute naps). I wish she would take two 2-hour naps a day instead of the tiny ones but oh well. She used to nap really well, and I don't know what's happened in the last 6-8 weeks.

-She can now put things in her mouth. She still doesn't reach for an object (except for on her play gym - she tears those things up), but she will shove anything near her into her mouth - bib, clothes, pacifier clip, those tiny little blankets with animal heads on them, the bird on her play gym, etc. Her newest thing is that as soon as you put the bottle near her lips, she grabs it with both hands and shoves it into her mouth as if it were her last meal.

-She started solid foods this week. She eats 2 TB oatmeal with about 1.5 ounces of formula once a day - usually at 11:30AM right before her 2nd bottle or at 3:30PM before her 4PM bottle. She's got it whipped - she even lunges toward the spoon and gets pissed when I don't feed her fast enough! Next week we're going to start with a vegetable - Probably sweet potatoes.

Today was her first day at Mother's Morning Out (MMO). It broke my heart to leave her but they said she did really well! Here are some photos of our little one at 4 months:

Going to 4-month checkup.

Uncle Andrew feeding her for the first time.

See the death grip?

First day of MMO - it was 17 degrees!

Her first nap for Ily B.

Mommy's first day of work!


2nd Anniversary

Hello, readers! Since I am now a working gal, I've fallen a bit behind on the ole blog! I'm going to update y'all on my life at Lucky Luxe in a bit, but first I thought I'd share some photos from our anniversary. It wasn't a big deal. At all. But it's worth mentioning, I suppose!

We both worked all day (my first full day IN the office at LL). It was Barb's first day to keep MC all day by herself - well, kind of by herself. Chad worked from home that day... but from what I understand she did really well and only had to call for Chad's help once. :)

I worked at LL until about 1:30 and then me, Ben and Erin went right around the corner to Lee's - one of our favorite spots, which I hadn't been to in a very long time. Erin and I both had the french onion soup, which is the only thing you should get there. For real. We saw tons of folks and gabbed for a long time with the Steinwinder twins. Side note: They are so grown up and handsome!! I nearly fainted. What a catch they both will be for some sweet young girls.

Mom was supposed to pick MC up after school and keep her while we celebrated our anniversary. But since school was canceled Monday due to ice, she picked her up early. I rushed home around 2:45 to see Buggy before Mom got her, but they were gone when I arrived. :(  So I checked some work email, we opened gifts, I showered (a rare commodity for me), threw on some mascara and decent clothes and we headed to dinner.

We rarely eat sushi because Chad and I are known to rack up a pretty hefty bill so it was a real treat that he took me to Sake Cafe. We ate leisurely - even ordering drinks and an appetizer - and we were STILL out of there in 30 minutes. But it was lovely... and delicious. Mom met us at home about 7:30 - just in time for MC's bath. I bathed her, fed her and put her to bed and then put myself to bed.

We did not do gifts last year because we went to Disney World, but we picked up on the traditional wedding gifts this year and will continue to do that forever. This year: cotton. Here are some snapshots:

2nd Anniversary is cotton, so he got me several things while he was in Telluride: 2 toboggans, a Telluride t-shirt and a Telluride North Face jacket.

Chad said I looked like "someone who worked at Vic's" before I took a shower. Thanks, love!

This is the best wrapping I could muster this year - a leftover box that had one of MaryCollis' Christmas gifts in it with no wrapping paper or bow and a card.

Chad went the fancy route.

But At least I spelled his name right on his card! "Annaleeeee"

Pardon my stay-at-home mom look. Apparently it's permanent.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Year in Review

Our Anniversary is tomorrow, which marks the 1-year mark of my blog. This time last year Chad and I were celebrating our first year of marriage by eating at The Veranda in Starkville. We talked about several things, but one topic sticks out in my mind - babies. When we got married, we made a promise that we would not discuss children until at least our first anniversary.

Well, September before our anniversary I discovered I might not even be able to have children - but definitely not on my own. Three different doctors told me I would most certainly have to do fertility treatments to conceive. So when our anniversary came around in January, I mentioned to Chad that fertility treatments could take years and that even though I didn't think we were quite ready for children, starting the process might not be a bad idea.

We went over several options and finally decided that we would wait one more year and on our second anniversary we would approach the topic again. Little did we know I was already pregnant. Good ole Disney World, folks. It truly is a magical place.

February brought Valentine's Day and a diamond cross necklace from the hubs. Not too much else happened - except some MSU basketball, THE OLYMPICS! and some SEVERE tiredness (due to the pregnancy, which I didn't know was occurring). March, however, was a bit more eventful! We found out I was expecting - and 14 weeks along, no less! - on March 4, 2010. Chad was out of town on business and I text him from the doctor's office. "You're going to be a daddy," I messaged. And he replied, "Are you serious? If this is a joke, it's not funny." It wasn't a joke. After some freaking out, we got excited. Also in March: my best friend Shannon's wedding in Biloxi, my cousin Kathryn's wedding in London and Bulldog baseball!

With April came the sex of the baby, the first time I felt the baby move and a teeny tiny belly. And that's about it. In May, we bought furniture for the baby's room, picked MaryCollis as the name and I finally started showing. I also took MC to the beach for the first time - baby girl loved the water! She kicked like crazy.

In June we took another beach trip, picked Malone as the middle name, took a quick road trip to Shiloh Military Park (where I got ticks, remember?), went to NOLA for our babymoon, my Starkville baby shower, Shanny's baby shower and lots of 4D ultrasounds.

July: My 25th birthday, swollen feet, another beach trip (this time with Belly Flopz!), moving into the rent house in Laurel (while still living in Starkville), Amber's bachelorette trip - which I didn't technically attend but did meet them for dinner, DEEP cleaning Mom's house, maternity photos with Erin, Laurel baby shower, work baby shower, finishing MC's nursery, my last day of work and more swelling.

August was so much fun... and so LONG. We moved to Laurel, had lots of dinner parties with friends, Amber's wedding - in which I was the world's fattest bridesmaid at 35 weeks pregnant, childbirth classes, majorly swollen ankles - like the biggest ones you've ever seen, maternity photos with Chad and Gerty, dilation, Erin's birthday party, supper clubs, antiquing & the decision to induce.

September brought Miss MaryCollis, lots of emotions, lots of visitors and little else. It was a whirlwind month that I remember very little of! I remember it was wonderful and terrible - but mostly terrible. Newborns are nightmares, folks. If they give you the option, tell them you'll pick up your baby in 3 months.

In October we attended Loblolly Festival, took newborn photos, celebrated Chad's 31st birthday and MC's 1-month birthday, took lots of walks with Jenna and Emma, went to the fair, visited Shanny & Peyton for the first time since they returned from Cincinnati, went to Starkville - where she met Aunt Jenn for the first time, went to a pep rally at Mom's high school, took photos in the pumpkin patch and dressed MC up for Halloween.

In November, MC got 2-month shots, she discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we went to a soccer game, she started holding toys & playing on her play gym, started smiling a lot, went to church for the first time, she laughed for the first time, I won free Christmas cards from Shutterfly, I took the Praxis I, we celebrated Thanksgiving, visited my dad's parents in Alabama, went to Starkville, MC started sitting in her bumbo seat and I started working at Lucky Luxe.

With December came a tacky Christmas party at the Rasberrys, visiting Mimi in the nursing home, Doc's office party, a quickie trip to NOLA, a strict feeding schedule for MC, sleeping through the night, It's a Wonderful Life at the Laurel Little Theater, MaryCollis played baby Jesus and Aunt Lauren came, supper club, the birth of "the claw," acid reflux, Pancake Day and Christmas!

Here we are in January, one year after starting this blog, and things couldn't be more different than I imagined they would be in a year's time. Here's my first post ever. And here's another you might find interesting. :) Sorry the photos are missing - I had to delete several to make room for new ones.

Tomorrow night Chad and I are going to celebrate our 2nd anniversary... I'm sure we'll talk about many important things - buying a house, daycare for MaryCollis, me finding a job, etc. And I'm sure it won't turn out a dang thing like we plan... but that's why Life is Good Today.

Happy 1st anniversary, readers!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Well, every day is a little bit like Friday to me - and can I just say that I LOVE that. I started working for my pal Erin the week before Thanksgiving. At first I'd just "watch" the company (Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence) while she went on vacation, but now I'm working sorta-kinda part-time... which to me really means full-time because I'm an obsessive workaholic. When I love my job, that is. When I used to work at the newspaper, I would stay up until 2AM designing an ad or writing an article because I loved it... and this is kinda like that except even more fun. I find myself checking email all. the. time. just hoping - PRAYING - that I'll have something new. It's great fun. I haven't gone into the office this week because I'm nursing a cold (side note: Erin is a paranoid freak who is PETRIFIED of getting sick) so she ordered me to stay in bed until Monday. So I spend my days taking care of the cutest baby in the world and checking email every spare second I have.

I am going to pry myself away from my work-horse life (ha) and take a tiny road trip to Starkpatch this afternoon. We are so looking forward to seeing our friends Emily and Liza (Liza is 6 weeks younger than MaryCollis) and Jenn (my old college roommate who is due with a boy - Sims - in February!). We haven't seen them since MC was a wee tot, so it's going to be fun to catch up! And hopefully we'll get to see Aunt Mac too. We miss her :(

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MC Laughing

Well, I finally got video of MaryCollis laughing. It's not the best, but it's good enough! She turned 4 months old Sunday (January 2). We are going to the doctor next week to get 4-month shots and to get instructions on solid foods. I'll update you on her height/weight after our visit, but I think she weighs around 16 pounds.

Aunt Ashley got MC the CUTEST clothes for Christmas. You can't fully appreciate the gorgeousness of this onesie until you see it in person. It's got little birdies on it - it looks vintage.

Happy Hump Day!


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