Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whoomp, There It Is!

This girl

has officially gotten her first tooth! :)

Which reminds me of the time Gertrude got her big girl teeth. We got Gerty when she was 3 months old - in July 2008. Our veterinarian told us that her teeth would fall out but we would never notice because usually they swallow them... or they're just so tiny you won't be able to find them. Well, when Trudy lost her baby teeth I found four of them in one day! They truly are the tiniest little things you've ever seen. See below.

I told Chad I would keep them forever and ever because it was so rare to find a dog's baby teeth - especially the tee-tiny baby teeth of a (then) 2-pound poodle! I kept finding them all throughout the day, and each time I discovered one I would put it in the same Ziploc bag I put the others. And now that tiny plastic bag with four of Gerty's baby teeth is still sitting in the same place it has for nearly 3 years. Gosh, I love that poodle.

Hope y'all are having a good day - even though it's 50 degrees outside!

MC and Gerty: Like Peas and Carrots

They will be someday, anyway. MC gets the largest kick out of Gertrude. Seriously. The problem is, Gerty knows what MC is capable of (i.e. ear-grabbing), so she keeps her distance. Yep. Lots of trouble these two will be getting into.

Also, this is brand spankin' new.... My friends Kelly & Aaron Rice (no relation) coined the term "locomoting" in reference to their son creeping around but not yet crawling. Well, MC is now on the locomotion train! (P.S. Is that redundant??) Do y'all remember that song "Everybody's doin' a brand new dance now... Come on baby, do the locomotion!" No? Well, I sing that to MC while she's scooting. You can't actually see her scoot in this video, but it gives you the idea of just how quickly she can get from one side of the room to the other.


Must-Haves for the New Mom

I've done a lot of trial and error over the last 6 months, and I've compiled a list of must-have items for the first-time mothers out there! Here goes...

**Keep in mind that I have a 7-month-old, so these are not items for newborns (which, let's face it, don't need much).

1) Johnson's Bedtime Bath - It is the best smelling stuff, and it has lavender in it.

2) Aquaphor - Seriously. This stuff heals the tiniest scratch or patch of dry skin within hours. It is a miracle product.

3) Circo Washcloths - These are the absolute best in the washcloth world. They are soft and very thin - also nice for bebe to chew on when she's getting teeth!

4) A good hooded towel is a must. Don't go cheap! Cheapos are thin and do not get them all warm and dry (which is imperative, Amen??). The best one we have is actually a Hello Kitty towel Aunt Lauren gave MC.

1) Pamper's Swaddlers Sensitive - Yes, they're a little more expensive... but they are without a doubt the best diaper out there. Regular Swaddlers or Cruisers will do, but these are the softest and most comfortable (plus, they have sweet little designs on them instead of ugly Sesame Street characters). During the day I use Cruisers, but at nighttime we gotta go Sensitive.

2) NUK pacifier - We used to use Soothies when she was little (because I was vain and didn't want her using the plastic pacifiers that make big, ugly, red rings around their mouths), but now we only use NUK. It suctions to her face and stays in there better. Plus, it's a great chew toy when she's teething.

3) Soft, cuddly animal blanket like this one. Babies LOVE to have something cuddly by their face when they sleep.

4) Sleep Sheep - Couldn't live without it. Sleep sheep makes 4 different soothing sounds: heartbeat, rain, ocean and whales. We like rain and ocean the best.

5) Baby Orajel (Nighttime formula) - Very important during those agonizing months of cutting teeth.

1) An activity mat - A soft space for them to play and roll over without being on the hard floor or nasty carpet (I have an irrational fear of what's lurking beneath carpet). MC loves her lamb mat and tries to hug and kiss its head!

2) Jumper - Kids love these! Plus, when they're in that in-between stage of being mobile (aka flipping over and sitting up) but can't be left alone yet, these are a great transition item. It keeps them confined but entertained.

3) Bob Stroller - When MC was a newborn, I thought a person had to be INSANE to spend that kind of money on any one baby item, but especially a stupid stroller. Boy, was I wrong. Hands down, this is the best money I have ever spent. It holds them until they're 70 pounds (aka 23 years old), so you will literally use it for years. It turns on a dime, and it is my best friend.

4) A good car seat - MC loves.loves.loves her car seat. There is nowhere she'd rather be than in her big girl car seat kicking her legs in excitement.

5) Bumbo - We don't really use this for feeding time - but it's great to use anywhere. MC loves to sit in her "club chair" outside.

For feeding, we love Playtex drop-ins, Gerber spoons and Graco high chairs.

What are your favorite baby items??

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Want Wednesday

for my new MacBook Pro....

and this

 for my new ballin' camera.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The first photo taken with my new cam. So tell me,


or 1911????

If it weren't for the monogrammed bib, pacifier clip and Bumbo seat, I might not know ;)

Two New Friends

Despicable Me is kind of an on-going joke between the Patricks and the Napiers. Especially saying "Whaaaaaa??!!" Well, Chad left this morning headed to north Mississippi after being home for over 7 straight days (Yeah, that's the first time that has happened in about 3 years), and I went back to business as usual. I fed the baby, put on some laundry, answered some work emails... then I headed to our bedroom to change into real clothes and brush my teeth (side note: that's all it takes for me to "get ready" these days. pants with pockets, check. brushed teeth, check.) when I heard footsteps coming down the hallway.

"Hello??" I asked as I walked out of the bathroom. "I have something for you," Chad said. "What is it, mail?" I commented snidely. Without missing a beat, he replied: "No, it's a happy" and whipped THIS out from behind his back!!!!

My very own minion! Just what I always wanted. Be jealous, Napiers. :)

Also, I bought this today. It's so techy I don't even know where the shutter button is.... but I will learn. Oh yes, there will be learning. And just like that, two new friends on this cloudy Tuesday.

Have a great Hump Day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sippy Cuppin' & Sitting Up

Playing this morning!

MC Hamma is so over being a baby. She wants to sip and sit all by herself.

Hope y'all are having a lazy Sunday too! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Stare-off with Mitter

First trip to Pasquale's

Monday, March 21, 2011

MC Rolls Front to Back

I accidentally uploaded this video to Erin's YouTube account, but you can click here to view.

As you know, she's been rolling back to front for a long while, and she's even rolled over front to back a few times but this morning she did it over. and over. and over. She'd go back to front, front to back, back to front, front to back. I told Ily B she was going to be in for a real treat today with all that movement!

Happy Monday! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Day to be Outside

It got really warm today here in south Mississippi, so MaryCollis and I took full advantage. We sat outside for a long while and talked about trees and grass and flowers while Gerty roamed the yard. I'm hoping it's the beginning of a newfound porch-sitting tradition.

Click on the image to view larger.

Let me also apologize to anybody who goes back to view an old post and finds that all the photos are missing. Stupid Blogger reminded me today that I was out of storage space but not to worry because I could purchase extra space. Um, no thanks.

Y'all have a great week! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Pam Coghlan is probably one of the most influential people in my life. Along with Tamara Leggett and Jo Lynn McLeod, Pam is one of my mentors. She taught me how to pray, how to have a personal relationship with God and how to say what I mean and mean what I say. In junior high, she made me memorize the first piece of scripture I'd memorized since John 3:16 back in kindergarten... and it's now my favorite bible verse of all time. Jeremiah 29:11. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

She is the head of youth at a church in Plano, Texas now, but many years ago she was my youth minister at FBC Laurel. She was there my entire junior high and high school career, and during that time she became a very dear friend. She's 14 years older than me, but it never seemed to matter. There were many nights when I opted to hang out with her and play Water Tag with the youth kids instead of go out with my friends.

She made church fun. I'm not sure I ever missed a church event while she was our youth minister. We had Beach Retreat every summer where we played the HECK out of some volleyball during the day and sang the HECK out of some praise music at night. She always had the best music leaders at our church camps (and apparently still does - Josh Havens of The Afters is her worship leader in Plano! Holy cow). We never missed a single World Changers - it was just a given that every summer the guys and gals of FBC were packing up and roofing houses for one long, hot week during the first of July. We had scavenger hunts, summer-long Water Wars, dared each other to jump in the freezing cold lake at Camp Waukaway and had "FBC Cribs" on Wednesday nights (where every week one of our youth's bedrooms was filmed in a satyrical way - kind of like an SNL skit - I can remember the week my brother Andrew's room was featured and they took all of the N'Sync posters out of my room and put them in his room... it really got a laugh!).

I felt very nostalgic when I saw her last night at her sister's bridal shower. We gabbed for an hour at the party, but it wasn't long enough so we scheduled a lunch date for today. She finally got to meet MaryCollis, and we had a good, long 2-hour chat about everything and nothing. I sure do miss her, and I'm so blessed to call her my friend. I love you, Pammy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Patricks!

MaryCollis is such a big girl, I can hardly stand it. She's sitting up by herself for extended periods of time now - I still can't leave her sitting alone, but she hardly ever tips over anymore. Her hair is growing every day, she self-entertains for the majority of the day (except in the evening before her bath - sister girl is SLEEPY by that point), she knows exactly what the "Hot Dog" song is and where to look when she hears it (the TV!), she is curious about everything and wants to touch every.thing. She's such a cute toot tooter.

Just as Gertrude has a million nicknames (Gerty, Shroo Shroo, BB, Poody, Poodle Bug, B-Bear, Trudy, Big Sisser... the list goes on and on), so does MC. To name a few: Timer, Tooter, Tooter Bug, Buggy, Doodlebug, MC, McNugget, McNasty, Mac, MayCo, Collis Girl, Baby Sisser. They're gonna be two peas in a pod soon, those girls. Getting into all kinds of trouble together - I can see it now!

She's a happy camper 24/7 since starting her new meds!

Gnawing on everything.

Notice how Gerty keeps a safe distance... she knows all about those tiny people and how they like to grab ears.

From our house to yours, Happy St. Paddy's Day!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just a Swangaaan (Swangan!)

Today was the perfect amount of sunshine and breeziness, so Jenna and I took the gals over 2 blocks to Mason Park for some swangan. (Shout out to Mitter Ben who thought the song "Swingin'" was about swingers for the first 22 years of his life. If you've never heard John Anderson sing it live, you haven't lived).

MaryCollis was an absolute angel today. All day long. She had an ultrasound done this morning and couldn't eat 6 hours before the procedure. She didn't fuss from hunger, and she didn't fuss when they "took a picture of her liver," as Gamma put it. It was the perfect day. Days like this make me want 37 more kids. I just hope her new reflux medication is working nicely and we've said "Goodbye" to Fusspot McNasty for a good long while.

MC just relaxed in that bucket seat, enjoyed the breeze and kicked her legs like crazy. Check out how much fun they had today!

I apologize for the quality of this video. I left the camcorder at home and had to use my camera to record - but it's kinda cool how it goes from sharp to fuzzy, right?....... right?

Hope y'all have a great hump day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

6 month checkup

MaryCollis had her 6-month checkup today. She did so good with her shots. She couldn't catch her breath for a few minutes, but Daddy made it all better. :) And afterward, she got to cuddle with her Ily B all day.

6-month stats:
- 18 lb. 4 oz.
- 26 inches (That's debatable. I measured 2 weeks ago and got 27 inches. I think the nurses are always too rushed and don't do it carefully enough.)

You can click on the image to make it larger.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

LOTS o' videos

This week has been a hard one. I know I've said this at least 76 times before, but I swear MaryCollis is getting teeth. The amount of fussing she's done this week is beyond compare. Seriously. Also, she has been leaving 1-2 ounces in every.single.bottle. Does this girl look like she ever leaves any milk in her bottles? No ma'am. She'll even back away from her solids, which she has never done before. I've heard that when their teeth hurt, they lose their appetite. Our friend Peyton got a tooth yesterday, and she is 3 weeks older than MC... so we'll see! Here are some photos/videos from the week.

This is what happens when your 6-month-old is too long for her bouncer and has a high interest in flipping and rolling over.

Some Gerty loving (pardon my messy house and the big, blue tub on the chair - I was in the middle of putting up MC's 9-month sleepers):

MaryCollis was a hit at the NEJ Relay for Life practice on Friday.
Left: Bibi gets sugars from MC. Right: MC with her FREE babysitters! :)

MC did lots of jumping this week. Please notice the thumb-sucking at the end. Yeah, that's new.

Saturday is my day to "relax," (Gamma keeps MC on Saturdays) but in the 6 months that MC has been alive, I haven't ever taken advantage of that. This Saturday, I picked Jenna up at 9:45AM; dropped MC off with Gamma at 10AM; Jenna and I went to Pretty Please (I had a $50 credit - score!); dropped Jenna off; ran to Walmart, where I got groceries and accessories to make MC's hairbow holder; came home, unpacked groceries, ate lunch; did a load of MC's laundry; made MC a homemade bow holder; cooked 3 batches of baby food (plums, pears and zucchini); washed dishes and bottles; then the mail came, and in it was a box of 250 photos of MC from birth to 6 months, which i carefully organized into 5 photo albums; cooked dinner and finally poured myself into bed around 10PM. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. The hairbow holder is not as cute as I imagined... I haven't painted in a very.very.VERY. long time, and it took me a while to get my sea legs back. I'm hoping to make Emma one soon, and it'll be better.

Homemade hairbow holder pre-bowed.

After hanging all her bows - she doesn't have that many, but they're so expensive we only buy 2-3 at a time!

MC has learned that she can also play with her paci, not just suck it. She has been doing that a LOT since she started teething. She chews on everything. See below!

Today, Shannon and Pey Pey came over for a play date. As soon as they got there, MC had to eat... then she fell asleep while I was feeding her. "No problem," I told them, "she NEVER, EVER, under any circumstances naps longer than 30 minutes. She'll be up in no time." An hour later, she was still asleep. And in true MaryCollis fashion, as soon as they pulled out of the driveway, she woke up. :)

Pey Pey at 7 months

Tonight, while I was cooking dinner, MC couldn't decide between paper or plastic:

And just because she's so dadgum cute when she laughs:

Hope everyone has a fab week! We have MaryCollis' 6-month checkup tomorrow, which means 6-month shots. :(

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Emma is 1!


Our pal Emma turned one this week (the same day MC turned 6 months), and we celebrated the ole gal's birthday this Saturday. A great time was had by all! MaryCollis had a ball playing in Emma's jumper (which we gladly took off their hands after the party since MC is mobile and can't be left anywhere!), and Emma seemed to like all of her presents, though I believe she had already opened them all before the party. ;)
The Hello Dearie bunny I got Emma was a hit! (Also notice the precious "Virgo" jumpsuit I got MC a few weeks ago. And on the back it lists all the characteristics that Virgos typically have. And it was only $6!).


Burfday girl!

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MaryCollis' Half Birthday

Instead of Wordless Wednesday today, we're going to have Wordy Wednesday. :)

This child (our friend Emma)

is ONE today!!


But more importantly, this child

is 6 months old today. That's half a year. So, I suppose it's her half birthday. And we shall celebrate it always. Some days I feel like MC has been here forever and other days I feel like she just got here and time is rushing by. Either way, she's halfway to the one-year mark, and that makes me both happy and sad. I do NOT miss the newborn days, but I often miss her being so tiny and sleepy that I actually got some things done... but I'm also SO looking forward to the walking, talking, big girl MaryCollis that is to come in the next 6-8 months. It's really cute to watch Emma eating Cheerios and drinking from her sippy cup. It's a fun age.

At the moment, MC is stuck in the "I'm mobile but not quite mobile enough" phase. I must've gone into her room at least 6 times this morning because she rolled over and got stuck. She doesn't want to be on her tummy, yet that's where she IMMEDIATELY goes as soon as you lay her down. Frustrating. Also, it's hard to find activities for her to do right now... because she can roll over, but can't quite sit up by herself. She'll do it for a few minutes, then she'll lean forward. So if you put her on the play gym, we have the constant battle of playing-on-my-back-but-then-I-roll-over-but-I-don't-want-to-be-over-so-now-I'm-mad-please-put-me-back-the-way-I-was-oh-that's-better-play-a-while-now-I'm-back-on-my-tummy-but-I-don't-want-to-be-on-my-tummy. Exhausting. And you can't put her in the bouncer for ANY length of time any more because she flips out of it. SO... I can't leave her anywhere by herself anymore. I either have to be on the floor playing with her or she has to be in her crib. The end.

MC's done a LOT of growing this month. We go for her 6-month shots in 2 weeks, but here are her stats (according to our scale & tape measurer at home):

-She has gained 2 pounds since last month (woah!) and weighs about 18.5 pounds and is 27 inches long (around the 85th percentile for both).

-Feeding schedule: She eats 6.5 ounces every 4 hours totaling 3 bottles: Around 7:30AM, 11:30AM and 3:30PM. 

- Solids: She eats twice a day - oatmeal before her first bottle & a fruit or veggie before her second bottle. She LOVES solids. I literally cannot find anything she won't eat. Her favs are sweet potatoes, prunes, green beans, peas and bananas.

-Nighttime routine: Bath is around 6:45PM, she eats 7 ounces with 3 TB of oatmeal in her nighttime bottle at about 7PM and goes down by 7:15 or 7:30PM.

-About 4-6 diapers a day. No diaper rash to date.

-Size 3 diapers.

-Mostly in 6-9 month clothing. Will be going up to 9-12 sleepers and onesies soon.

-She sleeps about 11 hours total at night (7:15PM - 6:15AM) and takes several cat naps during the day (four to six 30-minute naps).

- She rolls over from back to tummy (has done tummy to back a few times); grabs everything, which then goes in the mouth; loves to grab her feet; LOVES solid food; drools constantly (teeth soon?); and loves to be on-the-go.

- She does the cutest thing when you tickle her or kiss her neck - she shuts her eyes and opens her mouth really wide, and as soon as you quit she slowly opens her eyes and closes her mouth and looks at you like "why'd you stop?" And also, in the bathtub (LOVES bath time) if she gets water near her eyes or if you squeeze water over her head, she coughs real quietly and acts like she's going to drown. It's adorable.

We're ready for the beach... Aunt Jenna got MC 2 new swimsuits!

We also discovered that MC loves the jumping station. Since Emma is a big girl now, we're going to take the jumper off her hands for a while. :)

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I literally just spent an hour writing what was the best blog I've written in a long time... It was emotional and heartfelt and inspiring.... but I don't have time to write it again. So here's the short version: I've been super busy lately, and a friend recommended I watch this Nooma called Shells. If you're struggling and have too many things on your plate, I suggest you watch it too! :)


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