Monday, September 5, 2011

MaryCollis' First Birthday

First birthdays can be as small or as large as the parents want it to be. I began planning my daughter's first birthday with a very simple party in mind; however, it quickly evolved into a quite beautiful (albeit stressful) affair.

I can't quite recall why I started buying lambs for MaryCollis but I have been collecting them in her honor since before she was born. Though it is unnecessary to have a theme for a first birthday, it was never a question whether or not lambs would be involved in my precious one's soiree. We easily have 40 lambs between my house and my mom's house, so I gathered up every single one I could find and that was the beginning of the end in regard to my "simple party."

Erin Napier of Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence designed the invitations, and they were a huge hit with the guests. After taking MaryCollis' handprint, she was able to create a truly gorgeous letterpress invitation using salmon and soft grey inks. The envelope had a lamb on it - there was even a little medallion on the lamb's neck with a "1" on it. I adore these invitations, and it will make such a special keepsake for Chad and I since it has her very first handprint on it.

You'll have to excuse the following photos of the invitation - they do not do it justice. We've been in the middle of a tropical storm for the past 2 days, and the lighting is horrendous!

Bespoke invitation by Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence

Bespoke invitation by Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence

Bespoke invitation by Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence

Bespoke invitation by Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence

Bespoke invitation by Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence

Bespoke invitation by Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence

Hydrangea and lily arrangements (with little lambs tucked inside) acted as the centerpiece for each table. Photographs of the birthday girl were everywhere, and there were stuffed lambs galore! 

Guests were greeted by a sign that said "Welcome to the Baa Baa Birthday Party!" As soon as they entered the house, another sign said "Thank ewe for coming to my party! Please sign the guestbook."

Debbie Tolbert of Sugar Bakers made a 2-tier vanilla cake with cream cheese icing that was as dainty as it was delicious. She also made a cute little lamb cake (complete with a bow on its tail) to serve as the smash cake. Iced lamb cookies acted as the favors, which Sugar Bakers also made.

Each dish was named and was displayed on lamb place cards which were on silver stands. The guests feasted on Little Bo Peeps, Rambunctious Chicken and Cheese Dip, Shear Delights, Mutton Meatballs, Baaad to the Bone Veggie Dip, Hot for Ewe Dip, Hoof Prints, Mary Had a Little Lamb Cookies, Baa Baa Birthday Cake and Three Sheeps to the Wind Punch. The tiny guests had their own food table that said "Kids Graze Here."

A photo booth was available for MaryCollis' friends to snap pictures. The booth consisted of a rocking chair, window pane backdrop and tons of lambs. A sign in an antique white frame said "Don't be sheepish... Snap your photo!"

A photo banner with 13 photos (Newborn - 12 months) was displayed in the gift room. A photo from each month hung on ribbon so guests could see how much the birthday girl has grown since her arrival!

As guests left the party, they were encouraged to take a favor. Iced lamb cookies were placed in hand-stamped muslin bags and placed next to a sign that said "Thank Ewe for coming to my party!

It was such a fun party, and we both enjoyed getting to see our friends and family. We will have dozens more birthdays to celebrate together, and I look forward to each and every one.

The Birthday Girl with Aunt Ashley

The kid's corner

Our family (minus Gertrude)

She wasn't so sure about the cake

Kate was a big help to me all day long!

Parker was the only man at the party, and he sure put the moves on!

My sweet Shanny and Pey Pey

The kids had a ball!

Oh lawsy, I'm gonna miss these two when they move! :(

Aunt Lauren with MC

Sugars from Ily B

MC loves her Gamma and Doc

She LOVES the chair Ily B got her

Every once in a while I'll catch her holding the remote while looking at the TV as if it's really going to change the channel. So cute! (Excuse her dirty face)

Look who was the first to show up! Our favorite couple - Aunt Ewin & Mitter Ben.

I can hardly wait until the next time we can get everyone together! So much love in one house... My cup runneth over.

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