Monday, October 31, 2011

Motherhood Monday

Toddler Shoes

Have y'all started buying shoes for the babes? I just started making MC wear shoes, and there is only one pair that she really likes. My mom bought her some Livie & Luca shoes from Polka Tots in Starkville for a whopping $50. At first I was mortified that she would spend that much money on shoes that will only fit for 2 months but they are seriously amazing! They're bendy but also very sturdy and they match everything.

I am dying over these boots right now. What shoes are your favorite for toddlers?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday

Well, I didn't go shopping this week but I did browse online. And boy did I find some fabulous things. 

Flannel Blaire Riding Boot from Tory Burch - $495. I could never spend that amount of money on a single pair of shoes but I will make it my life's mission to find a knockoff.

Varsity by Keds - $60. Gotta have 'em!

Cotton Flannel Tux Dress from J.Crew - $78.

Classic Union Suit from J.Crew - $69.50. I would wear this 24/7 if it were socially acceptable.


Great finds on Zulily this morning! I didn't buy anything but boy did I wanna.

Fianna Pillow - $14.99

Cream Porcelain Large Pitcher - $14.99

Timepiece Pillow - $16.99

Mannequin - $79.99

How long have I wanted a dress form? I realize it's not practical and serves no purpose but I'm salivating a little bit.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

The Patricks' personal photographer (Back off! She ain't for hire!) took some 1-year/Fall photos of MaryCollis today, and I couldn't be happier with the results. MC is a mighty fine subject, but I think it has more to do with Raz's eye for lighting. See for yourself!

PS. Do y'all remember last year's Pumpkin Patch photos? Gyah, she was so tiny. I kept telling Jenna, "She can almost sit up by herself. Look! She's kinda doing it!" Ha! She totally wasn't even close.

It's weird how much she looks exactly the same and absolutely nothing at all the same.

Theatrical Thursday

I recorded The Last Song a couple of weeks ago (Get over it! Curiosity got the best of me.), and I finally got around to watching it last night after MC went to bed. It was two hours jam-packed with Miley's signature pout and awkward moments. But I suppose it wasn't a complete waste of time. I mean, I do love Greg Kinnear.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chaz's 32nd Birthday

Chad turned 32 yesterday, and we celebrated from sun up to sun down. After whipping up some pancakes and bacon for the birthday boy, I dropped MaryCollis off at Khaki's (ps. she LOVES going to Khaki's house - more on that at a later date), then we headed to Jackson in search of antique furniture and other goodies.

We had no luck at the Old House Depot, no luck at Miskelly's (who BUYS that junk?!) and no luck at Highway 49 Antiques. We discovered our favorite antique store in Collins is closed but we were determined to buy something before coming home, so we stopped at Collins Antiques & More. Success! We have never been able to find anything there before but there's a new booth that was filled to the brim with great deals. We bought a $2400 couch for $700, and we really wanted about 6 more things in her booth but decided to wait.

We got home around 4PM, and I immediately started Chad's favorite dinner: roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, black eyed peas and homemade cornbread. The Napiers showed up around 7 with a homemade red velvet cake (Chaz's favorite), and we feasted on a delicious meal together. Nary a plate had a single crumb left. Chad declared Raz's cake as the best he's ever eaten, and Ben praised my peas. It does my heart good to have someone enjoy my food.

After dinner we watched a scary movie in honor of Halloween week. I stayed up way past my bedtime but it was worth it. I think Chaz is a bit sad it's over. The first thing he said this morning as we were waking up was "It's not my birthday anymore."

Wordless Wednesday

MC found the Cousin Eddie moose cups.

SMU lost but we definitely won the party!

Janie girl

MC helped Gamma at the NEJ breast cancer awareness game on Friday

The fair's in town!

In line to get her first real corn dog.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Sausage Balls

1 lb. sausage
16 oz. cheddar cheese, shredded
3 cups Bisquick
1/3 cup milk

Combine all ingredients to form a dough (if dough is a little too sticky, add a bit more Bisquick). Roll into balls and place on a baking sheet. Bake at 375 for 12-15 minutes. These are always a hit and are good for tailgating since they can be room temperature.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Motherhood Monday


Since MaryCollis turned one, several people have asked me when we will have another baby. My brother asked me last weekend, "Are you going to have another kid?" and I said, "Not today!" MaryCollis is just now starting to act like a real person. I feel like I would be gipping the both of us to have another child so soon. This may sound silly but I really want to get to know her before a newborn takes up all of my time.

Chad does not want any more children. None. I would like to have one more. I feel like only children are sad because they don't have anyone to play with, and an odd number of children can be just as lonely because they usually pair off. For instance, I grew up playing by myself or tugging on my mom because my two older brothers always played together and I didn't have anybody. My grandmother was my best friend growing up. Think about that.

So I'm curious... where do you stand on the sibling issue? Are you a believer in having them back-to-back so they'll be close in age or are you savoring the time you have until you expand your family?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday

I found SO many amazing things this week from Gap and Target. I needed one more curtain set for MC's new room, and I couldn't find them ANYWHERE online so I took a chance and headed to Target. I'm pretty sure they don't make them anymore, so I didn't have high hopes. When I got there, I immediately found one panel. Well, that's great and all but I needed two panels. They had TONS of these (which match her curtains) but I didn't want balloon shades. I wanted curtains.

I hung my head and started to walk away when it occurred to me that people are morons and always put things in the wrong spot. So I did what I hate most in the world. I dug. And I dug. And I dug. And there she was - the very last Simply Shabby Chic faux pink silk curtain panel in all of Target. Ahhhh. I could've died rat there. And to top it off, I found this cute little thang for MC on the way out!

But I just realized no mittens were attached, so Imma have to take it back. :(

Feeling proud and walking tall, we headed to Gap in search of new jeans for Mama since my favorite J.Crew Matchsticks are hanging off (not complaining!). When we arrived we were informed that it was Buy one, Get one on all jeans and pants! I think God was smiling on me yesterday. I never have that much success when shopping. So here's what I got:

1) Melanie Side Zip jeans for $14.36 (regular $69.95). Couldn't find a photo but they are kind of high-waisted and have a crease down the middle like these:

Except mine are more skinny and zip on the side.

2) Super Lightweight Curvy Jeans in Light Caios for $15.12 (regular $69.95) - y'all, these are almost a royal/navy blue color and totally awesome.

3) Lightweight Always Skinny Jeans in Black for $52.46 (regular $69.95).

4) Super Soft Always Skinny Jeans in Dark Acorn Brown for $52.46 (regular $69.95).

5) Four pairs of panties for $3.49 each (regular $10.95 each).

They also had these, which I salivated over for a good half hour before finally accepting the fact that they did not have my size (story of my life).


Then I scooted over to BabyGap to see what was on sale. Once again, success! Here's what I got for the tiny.

1) Halloween Graphic Bodysuit for $3.99 (regular $14.50).

2) Cable Knit Sweater in Mustard Yellow kinda like this one for $6.49 (regular $26.95).

3) The cutest dadgum cream-colored Lace Skirt (for spring) for $5.48 (regular $29.95).

Happy Friday! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Have y'all ever been to Dirt Cheap? I've been once or twice but always leave quickly because I refuse to dig for what I want or get run over by crazy bargain shoppers. But when Raz called yesterday morning at 8AM to announce their semi-annual home sale, I knew I didn't have a choice. And I'm so glad I went! Let me show you what all I got.

This king size Simply Shabby Chic Oatmeal Linen Duvet and Sham set for $10 (regular $99.99). Side note: Erin and Ben were a little perturbed because they just bought the EXACT same set (in queen size) for full price at $79.99!

This king size quilt for $25 (regular $113.99), a queen size quilt similar to this one for $25 (regular $119.99), a twin quilt for $15 (regular $99.99), 2 euro shams for $4 each (regular $19.99 each), 1 standard sham for $4 (regular $29.99), 1 stuffed sham for $4 (regular $39.99), an accent throw kinda like this one (not really) for $5 (regular $27.99), a doormat for the back door for $4 (regular $27.99), a tablecloth for $5 (regular ($19.99), a cream 4x6 rug for MC's room for $14 (regular $79.99) and another cream/khaki rug for $14 (regular $59.99).

So for the grand total of $149.80, I purchased $706.07 worth of items. Success!

I suppose you're wondering why we need all this stuff. Well, that's a separate post. :)


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