Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big News (times two)!

Nope, not twins.

But we did finally buy a house! We are now the proud owners of a gorgeous colonial home on 6th Avenue. We actually looked at the house when we first moved back to Laurel and did not love it. It was full of wallpaper and other 90s decor, and we couldn't picture it any other way. We were also in a completely different stage of life last year (i.e. we were expecting a baby and did not want to have to do ANY work - especially rip down wallpaper).

We have been looking for a year and a half, and it has literally been the most stressful experience of my life. I know it's just a house but we didn't want to settle for anything less than our "forever home" or at least something that we could live in forever. When we walked in the house for the second time, neither of us could figure out why we didn't love it the first time. It's so us! In fact, Raz and Ben kept saying, "Gyah! This is so Y'ALL!"

The house has been inspected, appraised and approved for loan. Though everything checked out, there are still several things on our "to do" list. First up is to paint the exterior, replace the shutters, get a new front door/sidelights and add landscape lighting and a gas light to the entrance. After the exterior is fixed, we will tackle one room at a time - taking down wallpaper and painting as we go (except for Miss Priss's room - hers will be painted as soon as we move in!).

Here are a few "before" photos (with the previous owners' stuff in it). I'll be posting "after" photos as we complete projects.

Back entrance with great brick patio.

HUGE den with lots of built-ins and a fireplace (I'm thinking a brighter more cozy color in the future).

Fun fact: This den was featured in Southern Living after it was added on in the late 80s.

Dining room with beautiful chandelier and wonderful molding.

Foyer (I can so see MaryCollis coming down those stairs in her ballet recital outfit, her prom dress, her wedding dress).

Formal living room (crazy about those curved doors).

Sunroom (I'm envisioning a very inviting, cozy room filled with comfy seating and books - a perfect hideaway for me and Chad on a cold Saturday afternoon while MC is at Gamma and Doc's).


Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Guest bedroom

Third floor - MC's future bedroom

Third floor - MC's future playroom

Exterior view from the back

View from street (we're thinking grey-blue exterior with charcoal shutters and bright white trim).

This is a rough photoshop job but this is what it could look like after we paint, get new front door, etc.

We are changing the lead glass front door to a more traditional colonial door with sidelights and transom - like this one on the Johnson's home (Hey, Mer!).

We are contemplating adding a copper awning to the entrance. And we may go with this color palette instead of grey.

The house also has a guest house and a pool (fun fact: it was the second pool ever built in Laurel!). This house is full of fun facts. For instance, former mayor Susan Vincent grew up in the house. Okay, enough about the house. But please do drop by any old time! I'll be pleased as punch to pour you a Coke and sit a spell.

In other news, Chad got a big promotion last week! We are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. The Patricks have lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!


  1. A very BIG congrats on the gorgeous house (and the promotion)!! I'm so excited for you!

  2. The house is beautiful! Congrats! How exciting!

  3. WOW! BEAUTIFUL house Annalee! Congratulations! It's breathtaking and I'm sure you will do FABULOUS things with it!



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