Monday, January 30, 2012

Before and Afters v.3

SUNROOM BEFORE: The sunroom had floral window treatments (it was a theme, apparently) but that was the only negative.


SUNROOM AFTER: We tried to stay traditional throughout the house in regard to furniture, architecture and decor; however, I thought we could be a bit more flexible in the sunroom. I went with a French country vibe that makes the room feel warm, cozy and inviting.

Ignore the pink sofa. It will be recovered soon!

LEFT TO DO: Find a rug, recover the pink settee and find (or make) curtains.


MASTER BEFORE: Dark floral curtains with a matching settee and bench made our room feel gloomy and small but the paint color was fabulous!



MASTER AFTER: We kept the paint color since my inspiration for the room was neutral with hints of pattern. Our headboard and all of our linens are neutral, as well as the settee. We recovered the bench in a sort of robin's egg blue that we pulled from the curtains (to tie everything in), and we added patterned curtains from Pottery Barn to brighten up the space. Chad found fabulous ceramic lamps (that actually match the earrings my cousin Kathryn gave me!) at Tuesday morning, and they might be my favorite things in the room.

Ignore the panel on the french door - it's on my to do list! Also need a small piece of art for above Chad's dresser.

TV goes here

LEFT TO DO: Get a rug. Find a neutral window panel to replace the old floral panel on the french door. Buy a piece of art for above Chad's dresser. Get a TV for the empty wall (I first put my foot down about a TV in our new bedroom but I was sick 2 weeks ago and desperately wanted to stay in bed and watch Disney movies, so I had a change of heart).

Sunday, January 29, 2012

House Progress

We have been working like dogs since mid-November to get our house fixed up, and we are finally starting to see progress! It used to be a buttery yellow color with green shutters, remember?


We took off all of the Masonite siding and replaced it with hardy board. Then came a new flat roof over the kitchen. Then came tinted primer (grey). Then came crown and dental molding (still in progress), which makes a WORLD of difference on the house - it didn't have it before. Then came new caps on the windows (still in progress).

Molding going up!

Primer/roof  in progress.

This weekend we got the entire front of the house and left side painted and nearly all of the window casings freshened up with white. Csab built us new columns back in December but the caps needed to be sanded and repainted, so Chad started that project today.

The house is now Seapine by Benjamin Moore, and I think it turned out perfectly. Erin said, "It's seriously perfect. And slightly coastal." Which is kind of exactly what I was going for.

Ignore the front door/sidelights/transom. One thing at a time, people!

Siding on the south end being ripped off.

They have already started tearing the siding off the south end of the house, so this week they will continue to rip that off and replace in addition to paint and put up molding. We still have to put the gutters back up; paint the flat roof railings black; repaint the entryway; and reside and paint the south end, back and small wall by the back door. When you add everything up, I'd guess we're about a quarter of the way finished... but it may be closer to halfway.

Next projects to come (might be 6 months and might be 6 years!): 

1) Brick in garden outside the den to make a nice patio/sitting area.

2) Replace entry light with gas light.

3) Install large gas light on back of house (where the brick patio will be).

4) Replace front door/sidelights/transom with a more traditional set.

Slowly but surely! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy Town + Baby Fever

That's what my life has been lately. CRAZY TOWN! I started a new job after the new year, and I am totally in love with it. I am a reading interventionist at East Jones Elementary, and I tutor grades 3-6 in reading and language arts. My kids are awesome, and I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be for the first time in my life.

In addition to my teaching gig, I continue to work for Lucky Luxe and as you all know, I adore it. I just love my brides, and I will never ever give it up unless Erin cuts me off! ;) Also keeping me busy is Laurel Arts League, Laurel Main Street, DAR and of course laundry, dishes, Gerty, MaryCollis, Chad and a new home.

MaryCollis is growing like a weed, and is absolutely my favorite thing in the world. She's at a really fun age right now, and I am trying to enjoy it without neglecting my other responsibilities. Chad and I are both adjusting to our new jobs and trying to take each obstacle as homeowners in stride.

In other news, one of my closest friends welcomed a baby boy last week, and I got to snuggle with him all day Saturday. Thomas Babington Whitaker (FABULOUS name, right?) was born on Monday, January 9. He decided to come one month early but is perfectly healthy and gorgeous. My sweet girlfriend Macaulay (lovingly called "Mac") is already a super mom, and I'm so dadgum proud of her it makes my heart swell.

Sweet baby Tom


I spent the majority of Saturday taking in that new baby smell and holding his tiny body in my arms. I have to admit, it almost made me want another baby. Almost.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Year in Review

Our anniversary is tomorrow, which marks the 2-year mark of my blog. This time last year Chad and I reluctantly put on real clothes and dragged ourselves to the nearby Sake Cafe for what felt like a forced romantic dinner. My mom watched the baby so we could "have a night out to ourselves" but we ended up eating and coming straight home because we were so exhausted that the most romantic thing we could imagine was getting some good old fashioned sleep.

Anniversary last year

MaryCollis was 4 months old at that point, and while she was a good sleeper by that point, I was still fat and didn't feel like myself and she was still a reflux baby, which was probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through. One year later, we are in a much better place and are truly looking forward to 2012. Here's a recap of 2011, y'all.

January brought MaryCollis' 4-month birthday, our second anniversary and my first month to actually work in the Lucky Luxe studio (before then I'd just worked from home). MC started solid food and started squealing uncontrollably. We also discovered she had reflux after many sleepless nights.


February brought MC's 5-month birthday and her baby dedication. I was cooking lots of baby food, we celebrated Valentine's Day and I started a big time diet. Also... MC rolled over!


March brought MC's 6-month birthday and our pal Emma's 1st birthday. MaryCollis started drinking from a sippy cup, and she sat up for the first time. Also, I bought an awesome digital SLR camera. And MC got her first tooth.


In April, I started a new weekly blog post layout and MC turned 7 months old. I got my hair cut. We took the Napiers to Starkville, took a trip to NOLA and had our first Easter with MC. The babe started sitting up in her crib. Also... the royal wedding.

April - haircut!

May brought MC's 8-month birthday, Chad bought me a new camera bag and laptop case and we lowered her crib mattress. We took MC to an MSU baseball game and Day in the Park, and she started crawling. And on Memorial Day, Gamma got an new car.

May - Day in the Park

In June, MC turned 9 months old and I started my MAPQT course. Also, Emma tried to push MC in the wagon. Chad and I had a pallet party and watched Gone with the Wind. Me, Mom and Dad put up corn and peas. And I met my first weight loss goal.


MC turned 10 months old in July, and I turned 26. MC went on her first beach trip, she started saying uh-oh and high-fiving. MaryCollis went to the beach again, and my dad and I sang in church.


In August, MC turned 11 months old, I met my second weight loss goal, and our pal Peyton turned 1. I redesigned my blog layout, Chad got me an iPod touch, we made yummy grilled pizzas, and we started a 30 before 30 list. Also, MC went to some pep rallies.


September brought baby girl's first birthday, and I designed the DAR website. Erin played at the Loft, and I started sewing class. And Chad bought me an awesome fall wreath. Also...  Jenna, Emma and Matt moved to Oklahoma. :(

September - birthday girl!

October brought Loblolly Festival. MC turned 13 months old. We had October Supper Club in the park with Cary Hudson, we went to Rocket City Diner after Ashlin's wedding, MC went to her first tailgate, and we bought lots o' pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch. We took MC to the fair, and had a blast at the SMU/USM game with Jane and Tommy. Chad turned 32, and Raz took photos of the babe with the punkins. We also strolled 6th Avenue for the first time on Halloween - yikes!


In November, Jane and I started the 4-Hour Body (and soon quit), MC turned 14 months old, we bought a house and Chad got a promotion! We celebrated Thanksgiving, and did lots and lots of moving!


December brought MC's 15-month birthday, Pancake Day and the GalaMimi's departure, Dee Dee the Dyson, lots of updating in the house, Christmas and our Housewarming party.

December - Pancake Day

Tomorrow night Chad and I will celebrate our 3rd anniversary... This year has been stressful and wonderful and frustrating and exciting... we bought a house, I secured a new job with East Jones Elementary, and he got a promotion. I hope 2012 is just as fabulous as 2011 was.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Three Years

Our anniversary is this week, and we are celebrating three years of marriage. It's been everything I hoped it would be and everything I never knew it could be. It's been both wonderful and difficult, rewarding and trying.

I was going through my wedding photos last week, and I wanted to share a few (and by a few I mean over 100 - oops!).

All photos courtesy of Scruggs Photography and McAlister Creative.

I'm not sure there's a single person who has enjoyed their wedding more than I did. At one point Chad looked at me and whispered, "You don't even care that I'm here, do you?" Ha! I loved every minute of it, and after three years I'm still a bit disappointed it's over.

After the honeymoon (I'll have to share photos of that later), we settled into a routine and life became a bit boring. But that's really when the fun starts happening, isn't it? Giggling uncontrollably, sharing proud glances after MaryCollis does something important, an encouraging hug after a long day. Just making memories. It's not about milestones... because let's face it, most major milestones a person looks forward to have already happened for me. College, grad school, jobs, wedding, children, buying a home.

Now it's about raising kids, paying bills and working more than you play but that's okay. Because I have a fabulous partner in life. We became good friends in 2006 and started dating shortly after, and I'm so glad we're still friends because it makes the hard times more manageable. A long time ago I gave Chad an iPod engraved with "No Regrets" on the back. I won't tell you the significance of that particular phrase but it's still just as meaningful today as it was back then. No matter what life throws our way, we know that there are no regrets.


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