Sunday, June 3, 2012

So Long, Grafton Road

My parents have officially moved. It's extremely strange to say that. A lot of my friends have said, "I just really don't think my parents will ever move. They'll die in that house." That's what I thought too. I'm very emotional about the fact that we will never have another Christmas in that house. I can't even think about that right now.

On a lighter note, I have run into some pretty spectacular things while helping Mom move.

Hub Fins Swim Team circa 1989? or 1990? I spy Elizabeth Wilson, Natalie Hortman, John Turner and Sammy Thames!

Using our free time at the mall during a World Changers trip. The boy in the wheelchair was my friend Brandon, who has since passed. That crazy blonde sitting in his lap is my lifelong pal Mary Katherine.

St. John's May Day 1989

May Day 1990 (I think?)

At one point in time, my hunky next-door-neighbor Rand was our swim coach. And he was just as handsome back then. Look how sweet this photo of Rand and my brother Andrew is!

A love letter from John Turner. Ah, the innocence. "PS. I love you." Presh.

Where we drew our names in the concrete by the garage.

Empty library

Empty dining room

The way it once was....

This piano now sits in my formal living room.

My old room that became MC's room for her Saturday night sleepovers

It's been really hard to say goodbye but I will carry with me the memories we made over the past 22 years. Like learning to ride a bike in that driveway, tip-toeing downstairs during junior high sleepovers to get a snack, fishing on the pier, sneaking onto the balcony with Mary Katherine to have late-night chats, sulking as Mom made me practice piano in the library, running and jumping on my bed every single night until I left for college because I just KNEW that scary witch lady from Robin Hood was under there, hiding under the covers and screaming "No! Turn it off!" when my Dad played the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (you have to admit that organ is scary), my one and only spanking in my parents' room (over what, I can't remember), helping Andrew pick out clothes for school because he's mostly color blind, answering phone calls from Will at 2AM when I was in 10th grade and he was in college (he would have me sing to all his friends and say "That's my sister! Listen to her voice!" He still does that sometimes), early morning chats with my dad before I left for school, bringing friends home from college and being so proud to show them my home, sitting in the den as I accepted my very first job, planning my wedding from my childhood room, propping my swollen pregnancy ankles on the bar stool in the kitchen, MaryCollis' first birthday party at Gamma and Doc's, and being woken up by Barbara every single Christmas at Mom and Dad's since I was 5.

But even though I'm still adjusting to it all, it's nice to know that although everything has changed, everything is really still the same. So long, Grafton Road.


  1. ARP, I will never forget the day my mother moved to a new home. My brother Shaw and I walked down the backsteps one last time, hand-in-hand, then held each other as we cried and said goodbye to 502 West Chippewa Street. It had been the home in which my grandparents had lived. I never knew them, so that home somehow gave me a connection to them. Like you, there were so many memories, both happy and sad, made in that home.
    Cherish your memories of Grafton Road as they will grow more and more precious as time moves along.
    Best wishes to David, Cindy, and Barbara as they begin a new life in their "old" home!

  2. so sweet, pal. it's a great thing that you could write all this down.



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