Monday, March 18, 2013

Lots O' Parties

We had two birthday parties Saturday. That alone would wear a mom (and toddler) out. But add the fact that both were at Laurel Gymnastics and were back-to-back, and you've got one tiring Saturday. Then we had another party yesterday. It was a LONG weekend.

First was Caroline's party. MaryCollis was so excited to run around, it was impossible to get a photo. But then again.... what else is new?

She eventually settled in with some blocks (that she didn't want to share) and stayed put for a while.

We took a little break by having lunch at Sweet Pepper's, then we headed back to the gymnastics studio for Andi's party. Sister really found her stride this time. She ran back and forth a million times on the jumpy ramp... she wasn't a huge fan of jumping into the pit like the other children. She really just liked the running.

Eventually she got the courage to go to the edge of the pit, but she still didn't want to jump so the nice lady lowered her in.

I have to admit that I was a little concerned about attending parties at the gymnastics place. I thought "Oh, great. MaryCollis will not want to take turns, and it'll be a total meltdown situation." But it wasn't! There were a few times that I had to remind her to share, but it was great for the most part.

Sunday was Ana's princess birthday party complete with a horse and carriage.

There was a castle cake, pink punch, balloons, a castle to color, and games but the only thing MC was interested in was her Khaki. I can't imagine how Ana shares her real-life grandmother with all these other children. I can just see MC's tantrum if her Gamma was to hold another child. Apparently every toddler girl in Laurel owns a princess costume except my child... we had to settle with a Beaux et Belles fairy princess dress.

Horrible photo of MC with her Khaki

Penn came with us to the party, and he slept the entire time. The boy loves to be in public... he either sleeps for 3 hours or he's happy as a clam. Needless to say, we get out whenever possible!

After Ana opened her gifts, MaryCollis had a great time playing with them. She served tea to everyone around her and instructed them to "stir it."

All in all, a successful party weekend. MUCH different from the batch of August/September parties, thank goodness.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Penn at 1 month

Penn is 1 month old! In the last week he has gotten on much more of a schedule. I'm hoping to get him down to 1 nighttime feeding over the next month before I go back to school. I was feeding him at 4:30 the other morning, and I thought to myself "Dear Lord, if I was working I wouldn't even get to go back to sleep. I'd have to start getting ready right now." Gag.

Here are his 1-month facts:

- Weighs 10 pounds and I'm assuming he's still 22 inches
- Size 1 diapers
- 0-3 month clothing
- Eats 8 bottles per day (4 oz. each) about every 3 hours
- He was sleeping a good stretch from 8 or 9PM until his first nighttime feeding around 12 or 1AM... then he would wake up twice more around 2-3AM and 5ish (most people would consider 5AM his first morning feeding but 5AM is not an acceptable wakeup time for me.... that's nighttime for babies). Just this week he's been being a bit more trouble at night. Joy.
- Started Prevacid at 3 weeks old
- LOVES the car seat, riding in the car, and strolling
- Has been to Hattiesburg and made multiple trips to the grocery store and Walmart
- Likes being on his tummy
- Umbilical cord has fallen off (FINALLY!)
- Enjoys bath time

First tub bath

Talking with Sissy at Home Depot

I have gotten used to the sleepless nights… it just seems normal now. It’s hard to believe my maternity leave is half gone. I’m so not ready to go back to work. My clothes don’t fit, and I’m just not prepared. Here's hoping the next month goes slowly!

PS. MaryCollis at 1 month.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Penn at 3 weeks old

In Uncle Will's day gown

Penn is 3 weeks old. He had a checkup today, and he weighed 9 lb. 11 oz. and was 22 inches. Last week when I took him for upper respiratory/congestion, he was 9 lb. 2 oz. and 21.5 inches so he is a growing boy!

Though he doesn't show all of the symptoms of reflux that MC did, he has been a little uneasy at the bottle and fussy afterward so I asked Dr. Pujari if it was okay to start him on Prevacid. She said it was fine, so I'm excited to see if that will help the little buddy. Next time we go to the doctor, he'll be getting shots. :(

At Walker's at 3 weeks old

After the pediatrician, Barbara and I took him to Walker's Dairy Bar for the first time. It won't be long until he knows the taste of their soft serve ice cream. Afterward, we went to the Relay for Life Walkathon at Northeast where we saw lots of friends and even a few of my students. The weather turned springish today, and it's going to be so nice to be able to get outside this coming week - we're very excited about being able to walk every day! Gotta get the rest of this baby weight off.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

MC's half birthday

MaryCollis is two and a half today! She is growing and changing all the time. I wake up every morning and I swear something has grown... her hair, her height, her feet. She is going through a phase of defiance, which is normal for this age, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. I'm sure it's a combination of being 2 and wanting to be in charge and having a new baby in the house. She has done remarkably well with Penn - always wanting to help - but I'm sure she knows things are different.

She announced that she was "going to Gamma's."

Breakfast in bed

She is taking dance once a week at school. We tried dance in the fall, but it didn't work out. It was at 5:30, which runs into dinner. She was too young, and she didn't know anybody in the class. I was pregnant and getting bigger by the minute, so it was hard for me to get on the floor and do things with her. And I honestly think it was a distraction having us there. This way, she has it at school with the same girls in her class... and we don't have to make any special trips. I think she really enjoys it. Each Thursday we dress her in her dance clothes and she says, "Look, Mama! I'm a princess!"


Saying the blessing with a mouthful of Cheeto

We are still in the thick of potty training. I need to do better with it, but I've got so much going on. This is easily the hardest thing we've been through (except the newborn days). Sleep training? Piece of cake. Taking the pacifier? Easy. Going from bottle to sippy cup? Overnight. Transitioning from crib to big girl bed? On the first try. Starting daycare? Nothing to it. Potty training? Absolute nightmare.

I tried to get her measurements the other day, but I'm not sure how accurate they are. It seems as though she's about 28.5 pounds and 37 inches. Here's a video of her singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" while relaxing on Penn's Boppy.

PS. Happy 3rd birthday to our friend Emma! We love you and miss you every day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Penn at 2 weeks old

10 days

Penn is 2 weeks old today! We are beyond stir-crazy in this house. My car seat adapter came in for the BOB stroller and I assembled it yesterday, so we can finally start getting out but I have a feeling that one hour stroll per day won't be enough. I'm not used to all the down time. 

With Aunt Jane at 1 week

Don't get me wrong, having a newborn is a full-time job but it's just completely different than what I've been doing. I'm used to waking up at 5AM and going nonstop until 7PM when both MC and I get ready for bed.

8 days

Getting sissy love at 9 days

9 days

Caring for a newborn is more sporadic busy... not constant. So I've been finding things to do around the house. Yesterday I did something I told Chad Patrick I would never, ever, not under any circumstances do.... like ever. I ironed. I ironed TEN of his shirts. Ten. While I am exhausted and should be sleeping when the baby sleeps, I'm finding that I need to do things besides take care of him. I need to do things that make me feel like Annalee the wife, the friend, the daughter, the sister, the teacher... not just Annalee the mom. Does that make sense?

10 days

12 days

12 days

12 days

13 days

13 days

We've had some good and bad moments this week. Tuesday night Chad walked in to the scene of me holding the baby and crying hysterically. It was a full-on meltdown. "I can't do this again! I can't go through another year of constant crying with a fussy baby like I did with MaryCollis. I can't!" Then on Wednesday he was perfectly content for most of the day and even rolled over for the first time (at 12 days old!). That night he went straight to sleep after each nighttime feeding, and it was great. Then yesterday he woke up congested and was a turd the entire day - Barbara happened to stop by during the hour that he screamed his head off. It was not pleasant, and I think she was the first person besides Chad to see how difficult it's been for me. I'm not going to lie, it's been super hard to start over. I just have to keep reminding myself that it will pass and that I have a partner to help me make it through.

Here's the video of Penn rolling over at 12 days old:

On a mommy-related note, I have lost 27 pounds since delivery.... 17 to go!


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