Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun Outings with the Kids

Yesterday morning Shannon asked what we were doing that afternoon/night, and I immediately shouted "NOTHING! WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN MIND?!" because I've been cooped up in this house with two churrens for too long. She wanted us to go to Hattiesburg and meet them for dinner, and I took it a step further by telling her we would also be spending the night. Surprise!

(Side note: When you're a first-time mother, you pack up everything that child has ever needed plus a fire extinguisher and safety pins just to go to the grocery store. By the time that second child comes along, you grab a few diapers and hit the road.) So I made sure we were all wearing our MSU gear in support of a hopeful turnaround in the World Series and off we went. We met them at Kids Rule so the girls could play for a while. We have never been, and MC was nervous at first, but Peyton showed her the ropes and sister dove right in.

They had a blast and ate a good dinner, then we started our first-ever sleepover. Shannon got a taste of what it might be like to have multiple kids when she had to manage the girls and hold Penn while I got his pack 'n play set up. I gave the girls a bath, then we changed from our MSU day clothes to our MSU pajamas and got comfy to watch the game.

Gyah. Why are bathtub pictures so sweet??

By the look on his face, I think Penn might have known the outcome of the game

The girls had so much fun, and they didn't understand why Peyton had to go to school and MC couldn't go with her. I took my gang to Target, where we found lots of clothes for MC on sale. We ran home, had a quick bite, then walked to the museum for Family Art (PS. It's dadgum hot). 

My grandmother used to be a docent for the museum, and I spent MANY a day in that annex making crafts while she gave tours. It was the first time I've taken MC, and she loved it. What sweet memories those will be for her.

Mandy had snacks for the kids after they finished their art, and we took ours to go. MaryCollis insisted we have a picnic, but I didn't have a blanket (see? second child syndrome). So we walked across the street to Erin and Mitter Ben's house and had our picnic on the porch.

She immediately found the huge watering can and insisted we water Ewin's pwants. Girl loves to water. Maybe she'll have a green thumb like her Gamma and Bubba.... because I can kill anything.

Penn was sweating down in the stroller, and my shorts were stuck to my legs so I made MC sit down and finish her snack so we could try to cool off (impossible). We sat a spell and talked about flowers, Mitter's blue truck, the barking dogs, the "white house" across the street, and who Gamma might be meeting while she is in D.C. this week.

Clearly, our deep conversation wore him out

When we got home, both kids were in need of a nap. They drifted off to sleep while I chit-chatted with Tyler, who stopped by to visit, and figured out a plan for dinner. I had bought some homemade pesto at the Farmers Market last week, which was made from the herbs in the Saint John's edible schoolyard. A little pesto goes a long way, so I've been wondering what I would do with it all. I found a whole grain pizza crust in the fridge and I had a plan. I smeared the crust with pesto instead of marinara; topped it with onions, peppers, grilled chicken, and a small amount of cheese; and popped that bad boy into the oven.

It was delish and totally healthy. Penn said he wished he could eat it. And that I would quit making him use pink hand-me-downs.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mal's Baby Shower/Julie's Bday

Yesterday we celebrated the sweet baby girl in Mallorie's belly - Miss Lucille James Rasberry. Around 30 people gathered in my home to shower Lucy and Mal with gifts. It was a fabulous affair.

We feasted on chicken salad in phyllo cups, herbed cream cheese cucumber bites, fruit salad, fresh vegetables, and homemade cookies by our friend Julie, whose birthday we celebrated following the shower.

The honoree with the hostesses

Lots o' babies coming in August 2013!

After gabbing with Mallorie and her friends, we threw off our heels and put on our swimsuits. We all grabbed an ice cold beverage and headed down to the pool for a relaxed birthday cookout for Julie.

Birthday Girl

Then there was a splash competition between Jim and Ben.

And the typical piñata smashing. Oh, is that not a thing?

"I'm nervous!!!!"

It was a day filled with food, laughter, friends, lovebirds.......

And this guy.


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