Monday, July 22, 2013

Girls Weekend in Starkville

My girlfriend Emily (and our Beaux et Belles rep) is moving to Dallas next week, so I knew I had to get to Starkville to have a goodbye visit with she and her kids (Braxton (4) and Liza (almost 3)). My friend Kate also lives there and has a 1-year-old (Keenan). Mac lives in nearby Columbus, and we never get to see each other (her son Tom is 18 months). And Godmother Lauren lives in Oxford, which is only an hour and a half away.... so I called all the girls and planned a weekend rendezvous. Sadly, Kate was out of town, but we had nice, long visits with all the other women and children.

Trying super hard to be a big boy!

Rutabagas. Mmmmm.

MaryCollis, Penn, and I hit the road just after breakfast Friday and arrived at 11. Emily immediately came over, and we had a great visit while the kids napped. Lauren got in around 7 - just as I was bathing the kids. We put Penn to bed and let MC have a little late night fun (read: 8PM) with her LaLa.

Lazy weekend with my loves

sitting up!

Mac and Tom came over Saturday morning and stayed until after lunch. Tom wasn't even walking last time I saw him, and he was running around throwing things and acting like a real little boy. After lunch we took the kids shopping but didn't buy anything. It's just been a long time since I went to any of the shops, so we wanted to peak in. That afternoon LaLa painted our toenails and we "went to Khaki's house to pick strawberries" about a million times. I guess that's a new game MC has come up with. We ordered out from the Veranda for dinner and watched "The Big Bang Theory" for two hours before going to bed.

Good loving from Aunt Mac

Tom giving his best advice

LaLa and MC

Tom caught mid-throw (we are still finding goldfish)


Sunday I cleaned out the linen closet with all of my old Mary Kay stuff in it, and I nearly threw out the 15 tiny stand-up mirrors and the thousands of eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, eyeshadow, foundation, and blush samples... but then I had a thought. MaryCollis can use those when she plays dress up! Score.

 I rummaged around upstairs and found some things to put in our new booth at Southern Antiques, I loaded the dishwasher, made the beds, and packed the car. We went to Emily's on our way out so Liza and MC could play together. Plus, I needed to try some of the new Beaux et Belles clothes on her to see about sizing. We had another good visit, then we hit the road. We went straight to Gamma and Doc's when we got back to town because MC needed a fix.

Today was the kids' first day back at daycare, which means we are that much closer to school. Ugh. This summer has been non-existant, and I'm just not ready. At all. But at least I got in lots of visiting before I start work next week. Now I've got to start focusing on MC's 3rd birthday party!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MC's first trip to the dentist

I took MaryCollis for her first dental checkup today. It wouldn't call it a raging success, but it wasn't a total disaster either.

Of course 2 days before our appointment, she damaged her gums!

We had several errands to run before the appointment, but even after doing everything on our to-do list we still had about 30 minutes... so we got pancakes at McDonald's and ate our breakfast at the kitchen table in the back of Doc's office. It was Penn's first time to go, so all the ladies just ate him up!

When it was time to go back, MC was hesitant about sitting in the chair so Carmen gave her some tools to play with. She would release some water out of that tool then use the suction tool to suck it back up again. MaryCollis thought that was so cool.

MC finally let Carmen put the tools in her mouth and (quickly) brush her teeth, then it was time for Doc to check her out.

There were no cavities, but he did decide that she has her daddy's bite which means braces. But guess what? We've all had braces, so no big surprise there. Carmen gave her a bag with a new princess toothbrush and released her to the toy corner. Let me just say.... she didn't pick just one.

We went to the back in search of the same clown helium dispenser my dad has had since the early 80s and the smurf cut-outs that we stood in front of for our "No Cavities Club" picture. Sadly, they no longer have the cut-outs but guess who is still alive and well???

Nowadays they just line you up on the grey wall and take a photo with a digital camera (not a polaroid like the old days). Poor Carmen must've taken 34 pictures. I'm still not sure she got a decent one.

Then, of course, she demanded a balloon. She held onto it for approximately 28 seconds then released it into the sky to go see Jesus.

I was never scared of going to the dentist because he was my daddy. As a matter of fact, I was 24 years old before I knew he gave shots for certain dental work. I was in for a root canal when I saw the needle out of the corner of my eye. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I shouted. "I'm numbing your gums," he said. "No, no, no. You put some stuff on there, then you jiggle my lip to make it numb." He got really tickled and explained that the only reason he jiggles my lip is to distract from the injection. SAY WHAT?! I'm telling you.... he's the best dentist out there. Twenty four years he kept that secret from me. I hope MC always enjoys going to the dentist like I did. We love you, Doc!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Penn at 5 months

Penn is 5 months old today.

5-month facts on Master P:
- Weighs about 16.5 pounds, and I don't know how long he is
- Eats 8 ounces every 4 hours (4 times a day at about 7:30am, 11:30am, 3:30pm and 7:30pm)
- Sleeps 7:45pm-6:30ish am... occasionally "asks" for paci in the night
- Just moved up to size 3 diapers (2s fit better but we ran out so we moved on up)
- 6 month in most clothes but 9 month in onesies and sleepers
- Zantac in the morning/Prevacid at night
- LOVES to be outside
- Loves to stand up
- Likes the pool and enjoys splashing
- Constantly chews on hands, drools and kicks
- Solid foods he has enjoyed: Peas, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, green beans, squash, peaches, pears, bananas, and prunes
- Laughs when being tickled
- Rolls over both ways and has "found" feet
- Very happy in the mornings

Prune face

Penn is a delightful little human. And I'm not sure any baby is cuter. I look at him sometimes and can't believe how adorable he is. He's doing well with solids, and we will probably add a second feeding soon. He is already used to his big sister's shenanigans... see the next two photos.

He grins all the time and is super ticklish. His eyebrows are always raised like he's curious about something. His hair is getting longer, thicker, and lighter. And he still looks MaryCollis had chunked up a good bit by this point, but P is still pretty proportionate. 

Gyah. Don't you just love those little baby "muscles?" They're my favorite.

He wants to sit up/stand up so very badly. He is happiest when you let him stand up. I remember MC being in that very awkward phase of wanting to play and do things but not being able to sit up yet. That's what we're dealing with now. He doesn't mind sitting in a exersaucer or walker, playing on a play mat, or playing in his crib for short periods of time... but he gets frustrated quickly. Life will be so much easier when he can sit up and play without an adult holding him.

We're so glad you're here, buddy! We love you.

PS. MaryCollis at 5 months.

Beach Trip 2013

Before heading to the beach, Nikki cut my hair shorter, and I luuurve it.

My mom always takes a few girls to yearbook clinic each summer in Orange Beach. For the past three summers, I have gone with them. The first summer I was pregnant with MaryCollis, the second we both went and she was 10 months old, and last year I was (barely) pregnant with Penn and MC was almost 2. I figured this year I would wait to take the kids until the teenagers had left since they are typically up late working on design elements, and managing two children while my mom was at the clinic would have been impossible.

The girls left Tuesday, and we headed down to take their place... me, MC, Penn, and Tyler (I told y'all I was never going anywhere without a nanny again!). We had a good drive over and didn't have to stop. That night we just unpacked and ate sandwiches in the condo. 

MC watched Dora's seaside adventure the entire way down, so as soon as we got there she gazed down at the sand and couldn't wait to build her own sandcastle

Excited to be out of his carseat

First time on the beach!

Thank goodness we took the beach tent so Buddy could take naps (Jenna, I guess it's ours now since I totally forgot to return it 2 years ago!)

MC made us read her new Dora book at least 12 times each

Penn's first time on the beach

Last year MC HATED the beach (like her mother). This year she couldn't wait to build sandcastles.

Wednesday was the first good weather OBA had seen in a week, and we took full advantage. We stayed out the entire day (save the afternoon naps) making sandcastles, swimming in the "little pool" (the ocean is the big pool, according to MC), and working on our tan.

I even had some "me" time while the kids napped

That night we went to Sunset Grille upon recommendation of a friend. We wanted to go somewhere different that had a kid-friendly menu for our picky toddler. It had started to rain, so the outdoor playground didn't do us much good BUT MaryCollis ate every single bite of her chicken strips, which is a huge accomplishment. The adult food was pretty good, too.

Sunset Grille

She let me paint her toes for the first time ever!

Thursday brought more rain, but we didn't waste the day. Instead, we went shopping! I didn't plan on buying anything for myself since I have put off losing the last 15 pounds of Penn weight, but I ended up finding some things that will fit regardless of weight loss. I also found lots of 3T things for MC since she has started moving up to that size. I got Chad some lightweight Polos for the golf course, and I got Penn nothing. At this age, it's just pointless to buy things that he will outgrow in 3 weeks. Despite the rain, we had a great day. MC fell in love with measuring feet. She measured every foot that walked past her.

Thursday night Mom and Dad had a dinner sans kids and grandkids at Fisherman's Corner. We tried to eat there last year, but they were booked for four nights straight. They said it was great! When they returned, Tyler and I had put the kids down and we went to Cosmo's by ourselves for some much-needed adult time.

Friday was sunny again, and I'm so glad because MC would have been devastated if she couldn't have gone outside on our last day. Again, we stayed out the entire day and had a great time. That evening Dad got steamed Royal Reds, potatoes, and corn from Lartigue's.... if you've never done that, you need to. So good.

Saturday morning, the Patrick car skipped the customary breakfast at Tacky Jack's and got a head start on driving. Before hitting the road, I attempted a few photos of the kids. Despite MC's whining (she's in a phase) and Penn's milky drool, I got a few decent ones.

Caught him smiling in his sleep!

We stopped at J-Ray's in Mobile to get new Fall shoes for MC... thanks for that tip, Andrea!  Laurel/Hattiesburg is seriously lacking a good shoe store for children. At the store MC was able to measure more feet, which made her happy. We grabbed a quick bite at Newk's, where MC shared her lunch with "Sweetie" (formerly known as "Lamb").

Everybody snoozed on the way back, which was relaxing for the driver (me). 

After getting everything unpacked, we went swimming in our own pool because we just weren't ready to give up that beach feeling. Tyler stayed with the kids while I picked up the biggest pizza imaginable at Pasquale's.

We gorged ourselves on pizza, roast beef and gravy calzones, salads with the best dang ranch dressing in Jones County, and their famous garlic loaf.

Then we put on our jammies, and K-Love (MC's name for Kayla) came over to watch the Miss Mississippi pageant. I'll spare you my comments.

Elton John watching Miss MS


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