Monday, September 30, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Miss MaryCollis Patrick had the honor of being our homecoming queen's flower girl. She has a history of major meltdowns in public situations (she gets it honest... I had to take anxiety medication every time I sang during rush at MSU), so we weren't sure how well it would go. (Remember last year's ballet recital?).

I took the day off work Friday so we could have an extra special day together. We went to the pep rally, where she walked onto the gym floor with Shelby and waved to the crowd. She didn't want to sit on the stage through the pep rally, so we sat in the foyer with Gamma and sold t-shirts, sang 35 verses of "Wheels on the Bus" with Beckie, and shared a Diet Coke.

Princesses gotta eat

"I'll find you some colors if you take a photo with Shelby!"

A promise is a promise. :)

Pep Rally

We practiced on the football field after the pep rally, then met Barbara and Tyler for lunch at Walker's. We headed home, and I let her watch one short "Caillou" episode before taking a nap. She woke up just in time to go get her hair and makeup done at 3pm.



She did really well while Danielle did her hair but then she wanted to scratch and pull at it afterward. She said "YEAH!" when Danielle asked if she wanted some makeup but quickly decided she didn't. I had to hold her down to get the dress on her, but once she was in it she didn't mind.

Shelby, the queen, had two flower girls just in case one of them had stage fright. Luckily, neither of them did. I actually think having two of them made things go so much more smoothly. They made friends instantly and had a ball together.

MC and Shelby

Photos were at 4pm, and the parade didn't start until 5:50, so I was super nervous about how to pass the time in between. That's when I was most glad there were two flower girls because they entertained themselves. They "typed" on the computers, colored, twirled in their dresses, found "treasures" for MC's purse, etc.

Saylor wore her corsage, but MC wouldn't... imagine that.

Finding treasure

Besties and their purses


The most handsome guy there

Finally it was time to get in the cars, and that's when the bribing began. I promised pizza, presents, extra TV time, you name it. She did great until we passed Gamma on the track, and then she almost jumped out of the car trying to get to her. 

Daddy's girl

Admiring LaLa's new bracelets


Putting lipstick on Mama

Practicing her wave

We made it around to the gate, and she didn't want Mr. Pope to take her to the field but apparently he convinced her. As soon as they sat down, Mrs. Lucy gave them doodle pads, which was brilliant. Yet another bribe.

They did really well sitting there quietly, then it was time to deliver Shelby's flowers. MC didn't want to carry them, so Saylor did it and she walked behind. 

Upon the delivery, Tyler got MC to wave to the crowd and they went crazy! It was the cutest thing ever.

As soon as their part was finished, we hauled tail to the house because Penn was starving and exhausted. We ate pizza, as promised, and Chad took the bobby pins out of MaryCollis' hair while we watched TV. I was so proud of our little diva - mainly because we were out of the house the entire day, and she didn't have one potty accident. But don't worry.... she had 3 by 9am the next day. :)


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