Monday, September 16, 2013


MaryCollis' 3rd birthday party was this weekend, and it was a raging success! She said she didn't have a preference on a theme, so I went with "Pretty in Pink." The entire house was decked out in pink. Pink EVERYTHING. Pink decorations, pink candies, pink poms hanging from the ceiling, pink cookies and cupcakes, pink lemonade, pink cups/plates/napkins, pink dress-up clothes, you name it.

Shelby & Penn

Emma Kate fell coming up the driveway, so MC helped her put a bandaid on it. Sweet friends.


I started preparing for the party WEEKS ago, and thank goodness I did because Thursday afternoon I became deathly ill. I stayed in bed all day Friday until Lauren got here, then we finished decorating. Saturday morning at 9:30 we realized we didn't have anything for the front door, so we quickly came up with a pom wreath on the fly (the party was at 10).

Pink tree featuring pink favor boxes filled with pink hair ties and miniature nail polish

We served Chick-Fil-A nuggets because let's be honest - there's nothing better, fresh fruit, pink chocolate-covered pretzels, pink shortbread cookies, pink miniature cupcakes, pink cake, pink lemonade, and a plethora of pink candies. All desserts were made by Julie at The Bake Shop, and they were to die for.

Shelby took the girls upstairs for face painting, makeup, dress up clothes, and free play. They had a BLAST, and the best part is after the party was over I just closed the door to the 3rd floor and acted like it never happened.

Mary Clayton requested a princess

Shanny and Pey Pey

Anne had a ball playing house

We had to get a photo of the girls dressed in pink on the pink sofa!

Anne gave MC the most precious birthday princess doll that plays music

My bestie and go-to helper (and the kids' godmother)

The birthday girl with her two favorite ladies: Jane & K-Love

Peyton giving LaLa a checkup


Sweet moments with LaLa


It's always so much fun seeing your children play with the children of your friends. It's like life has come full-circle. MaryCollis is going to have such a great class at St. John's next year, and we're so glad a lot of them could make it to the party!

My first child, Shanny

Mary Taylor shut the party down. She was our last guest. We're so excited to have her in our K3 class next year!

Birthday girl inspecting the favors

Daddy's girl

Tickle fest with Gamma

Second generation friends. Maybe they'll be roommates like their mommies!

My darling Kayla. As you can see, we immediately took down the birthday decor and replaced it with Halloween. Ah, living on 6th Avenue. No rest for the weary!

My princess

Then LaLa found out what it's like trying to take a photo with two children.

This was the most fun birthday theme. Everybody really got into the pink spirit, and the girls felt like little princesses. Mom is going to use all the decorations for "Pink out the Jungle" next month when we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I love getting multiple uses out of things!

Thanks to everyone who made MC's birthday special. We loved having you!

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