Sunday, December 15, 2013

Penn at 10 Months

Penn is 10 months old! This month, he...

- Was 20.5 pounds / 28.5 inches long at appt (I don't think height's accurate, but whatevs)
- Feeding schedule:    
     7am breakfast (oatmeal/pancakes/fruit/toast/whatever) + 6 oz. formula in sippy cup
       **Might have a snack in between breakfast and lunch
     11am baby food fruit + whatever lunch we have + 6 oz. formula in sippy cup
     3pm snacks (crackers, fruit, yogurt, etc) + 6 oz. formula in sippy cup
     6pm baby food veggie + whatever dinner we have
     7pm 8 oz. formula in bottle
*I am trying to get him on the sippy cup full time except before bed because in 2 short months he'll be on real milk! Sometimes I will give him a bottle during the day if he's extra sleepy and he doesn't want to do the work of holding the cup. :)

- Usually sleeps 7pm to 7am but it depends
- Size 3 diapers during day; size 4 at night
- Wears 9-12 clothes
- Size 3 shoe (but HATES them)
- Loves to be outside, loves any type of ball, loves throwing things and wreaking havoc in general
- Stands up by himself all the time. Totally ready to walk but lacks confidence.
- 3 teeth: 2 on bottom, 1 on top (I swear, the second tooth on top is NEVER going to come in)
- Major Bam-Bam. Throws, hits, bangs everything.
- Said first word over Thanksgiving: MAMA! :) He doesn't say it all the time, but he knows what it means.
- Loves to climb stairs and is really good at it
- LOVES to dance

I took him to the doctor for his 9-month checkup last week, and we had a few minor problems that I won't discuss here. He was a healthy weight and height, and his ears looked good. They gave him a flu shot and swabbed his nose for testing (they wanted to see if his sickness is just general daycare runny nose or something that requires antibiotic). They also took blood for testing, which is typical at that visit. He did well throughout the LONG appointment and fell fast asleep as soon as I buckled him into the car seat.

The doctor called a few days after the appointment to tell me he was anemic and needed to be on an iron supplement. I've always been borderline anemic (can't give blood), and my mom is anemic... so I wasn't surprised. He's on Zyrtec and Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron daily now. The nose swab came back negative for anything that might require an antibiotic, so that's good news.

This month we discovered that Master P LOOOOVES to dance. He hears music and just goes to town. Watch!

He has been getting after it with some real food, too: diced chicken and turkey, mashed potatoes, beans, kiwi, blueberries, bananas, toast/bread, pancakes/waffles, crackers, chopped up pasta, chicken noodle soup (at school... can you believe that?!), french fries, you name it.

His hair is getting out of control, so I think I'm going to take him for a trim soon. In the biggest news of the month, Tyler has gotten him to take several steps! She kept the kids the other night, and he took 2-3 steps several different times. Ready or not, he'll be walking soon!

PS. MaryCollis at 10 months.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

30 Thursday

I haven't updated my 30 before I'm 30 list lately. I've decided that some of the things on my list I only put on there to fill up thirty spaces, and I care NOTHING about doing those things.... so I'm going to change some of them. And I can do that if I want to. It's my list, and I'll change it if I want to.

      1. Learn to play guitar
      This is still on my list, though I have no idea when I'll find the time. I'm DYING to learn.

2. Find a job (or be on salary doing something from home)     CHECK!

3. Learn to sew     CHECK!
I'm sewing much more these days since opening The White Glove. I mainly sew straight lines (pillows, curtains, banners, etc). I'd love to learn to sew clothes.

4. Learn a foreign language (French?)
I'd love to do this, but again... I have no time.
UPDATED: Find more outlets for singing     Joined church choir and hoping to do more at school.

5. Weigh ____ and maintain (not telling!)     CHECK!

6. Have 1 more kid and be done     CHECK!

7. Go back to Europe
Maybe for my 30th birthday??? Kids take priority these days, so I'm more focused on a vacation for them.

8. Go back to Cabo     GOING FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY!

9. Go back to NYC
I don't think we can get to NYC and Europe before I'm 30. We'll have to choose.

10. Get better at PhotoShop (learn tricks, editing, etc.)
I'd love to do this, but again... I have no time.

11. Start or be part of a book club
Anybody interested?? Even though I have no time, this could be done after kids are asleep. :)

12. Become a better photographer
Working on it.

13. Have picnics often
We had one or two before Penn was born. Need to get back to it.

14. Buy a really amazing guitar with my OWN money
HA! I don't even know how to play the one I own. Better change this one.
UPDATED: Exercise more

15. Make traditions with MaryCollis     CHECK! Cooking things together, pancakes/parade, Christmas Eve service, decorating tree together, gingerbread party, hopefully this year will start having Doc read "The Christmas Story" on Christmas Day and "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve,  etc.

16. Learn to cook important family recipes (dressing, sweet potato pie, etc.)     CHECK!

17. Make healthy decisions and teach MaryCollis to make them too     CHECK!

18. Grow my own garden
I help with Mom and Dad's garden, but I'd love to do one of my own. Maybe in the spring.

19. Start writing letters again – 1 every month
I wrote a few. This is a great idea, but I just haven't made it a priority. I need to do better.

20. Make or restore furniture with Chad
WHO. CARES. Not interested.
UPDATED: Make my first cheesecake.

21. Drive an old car (even if I have to rent it)
Not that important.
UPDATED: Save money for kids' college

22. Do something physically adventurous (parasail, bungee jump, etc.)
It'd be fun, but not that important. Perhaps when we're in Mexico. 

23. Visit a winery
Again, I don't think we can get to NYC and Europe and wine country before I'm 30. We'll have to choose.

24. Learn to drive a stick shift (again)
Not that important.
UPDATED: Take care of my skin     I went from a person who never washes her face to someone who does a 4-step routine twice a day using Rodan + Fields. We'll see if it lasts.

25. Take ballroom dance lessons
Not that important.
UPDATED: Make time to READ. I never get to read anymore.

26. Learn to make gravy     CHECK!

27. Buy a bike and ride it
Not that important.
UPDATED: Explore my own town more.

28. Visit the Grand Canyon
Again, I don't think we can get to NYC and Europe and wine country and GC before I'm 30. We'll have to choose. GEEZ! What did I think we'd do... visit 2 places each year?!

29. Go vegetarian for one month
I still REALLY want to do this... no idea why. I've made a vegetarian board on Pinterest. Maybe when we get back from Mexico I'll start.

30. Go to at least 3 concerts     We've been to one: DMB. Two more to go.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tree Lighting + Cookie Party + Pancakes/Parade + No Power

The first week in December always brings the tree lighting in downtown Laurel, the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art Gala, and Pancake Day and the Parade (the largest one in Mississippi!). I suppose after last night we can add MaryCollis' Annual Christmas Party to the list. We had so much fun!

Outfit #5 for Master P

Thursday evening we took the kids downtown to see the tree lighting in Pinehurst Park. After they lit the tree, there were carols provided by the LHS gospel choir, ballet dancing by a local company, and "Home Alone" at the Arabian Theatre. MaryCollis loved watching the dancers, but I didn't think "Home Alone" would capture her attention... so we went home and watched "Elf on the Shelf" for the umpteenth time.

Chaz also finished decorating our outdoor tree before we left. It looks spectacular. I really think we outdid Eva Ann Allen this year... which is probably what led to our power outage (see below).

Friday morning I sent the kids to school in coordinating Beaux et Belles attire, and I found it nearly impossible to get Penn to sit still and MaryCollis to look at the camera.

I didn't get one of them smiling, but I got some pretty sweet ones of MC being a sweet big sister.

After dropping them off at school, I worked my hiney off getting things ready for the gingerbread house party. At 4:00, it was party time! We made cookies for Santa plates with their handprint as the tree and a star on top. We decorated gingerbread houses, and the younger ones had a BALL playing in the candy. It was hilarious to watch them cover themselves in icing and sweets.

They each got a little monogrammed apron, which will serve well for subsequent parties. Everyone was really into the houses except MaryCollis and Emma Kate... which is completely typical. Participating is not their thing.

There was LOTS of candy-eating. I think for every piece that went on a house, three pieces were eaten. 

After we cleaned up the mess, Mr. Chad brought pizza for the hungry elves..... and then three-quarters of our power went out. I wasn't sure if it was a problem that was bound to happen (like a corroded wire somewhere) or if it resulted from every light in the house being on plus an indoor tree with 10,000 lights, an outdoor tree with 10,000 lights, and 2 lighted garlands.

The girls didn't seem to care... They were on a sugar high. JuJu turned on "Yo Gabba Gabba" Radio on her iPhone and let the girls dance in the dark. She needs kids, y'all. Wait. I changed my mind. She needs to be cool Aunt JuJu and host dance parties while all the tired parents sit down.

When our awesome electrician Steve said he couldn't find anything right away and it was too dark and wet to look outside, we decided to send the little ladies home. They were pretty upset that the sleepover didn't happen, but I couldn't let those girls freeze to death. The last princess was picked up around 9pm, and it wasn't long before the Patrick girls were asleep.

We woke up FROZEN Saturday morning with no heat and then froze some more at Pancake Day and the Christmas parade.

Not too cold to play!

Buddy LOVED the pancakes

We discovered that our electricity wouldn't be fixed until at least Monday, so it was time to pack up and head to Gamma's since we couldn't survive without heat. Tyler came to visit and brought reindeer antlers, Penn ate an entire piece of pizza (!), and we cooked a fantastic meal as a family (plus Tyler :).


What pizza??

We've been at Gamma's since Saturday morning, and Penn has climbed every stair in the house..... twice. MaryCollis is obviously in HEAVEN since she's getting to sleep with Bubba and be at Gamma's 24/7. Lord, help me.... I'll never unspoil her.

Keeping our fingers crossed that we have power by Friday and they don't have to tear up concrete to fix it. Wish you'd cross yours, too. :)


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