Sunday, December 7, 2014

Penn at 20-22 months + MC Update

Penn turned 20 months old on October 15th, and his vocabulary really picked up that month. New words included shoes, foot, rain, juice, milk, night night, muffin, Daisy (as in Duck), Minnie, down, poo poo, block, and balloon.

October was a good month. We celebrated Pink Out in the Jungle. I took MaryCollis to the Loblolly Festival, and she helped me work several shifts for both Arts League and Junior Auxiliary. MC's class visited the pumpkin patch. We took the kids to the MSU/Auburn game (Penn's first), and we became NUMBER ONE IN THE NATION. Like, what? We went to Eagle Fest at St. John's. We went to the fair. MaryCollis watched her seed grow into a plant, and she performed with the children's singing group at church.




Tuckered Out

The Win!



The plant is growing!

Performing with Cornerstone Kids

MaryCollis has become more and more interested in dressing herself, which is interesting sometimes. Well, let's be honest.... most of the time. She loves dresses... To that, she will add one of Gamma's purses and some jewelry, then she finds the gaudiest headband and sparkliest shoes she possibly can. And Voila!

Dressing herself

Best Pals

Looking 13

This month we also had a Halloween party at MC's school, Trunk or Treat at church, and Tent or Treat at NEJ. For the St. John's party, she was a pink princess; for church she was Elsa; and for our NEJ event, she was Anna. Each costume she wore this year came from her dress up box upstairs and was something we already owned. Boom. Halloween fo free.

In November, we attended Emma Kate's birthday party. We took the worst family photos in the history of the world. MC had a horrible ear infection. I spent my life in play practice, then we finally performed Cinderella. MaryCollis had her first Thanksgiving lunch at school, which I missed because I was performing Cinderella. And FINALLY, we enjoyed a lazy Thanksgiving break. The kids enjoyed playing outside and riding the mule so much at Gamma and Doc's house that I am bound and determined to move to the country just to see them be that happy all the time.

Laundry Basket Fun

Emma Kate's party

Emma Kate's party

Emma Kate's party

Uncle Will's sweater

Family photos

Family photos

Family photos

Singing into her hairbrush while looking in the mirror. Diva!

Ear Infection

Daddy painting toenails

Thanksgiving lunch

Watching Prince Charming


Emma Kate and MaryCollis at NEJ's Cinderella

Penn's vocabulary has tripled since October. He says Mickey Mouse (instead of BaBa); book; From "Dora" he says Dora, Map, Boots, Benny, Swiper, and Backpack; Nick and Chris (from his class); bulldogs; donut; chips; floor (as in 3rd floor playroom); plane; truck; cereal; pancakes; door; Penn; "Frozen" and Elsa; elephant; hat; Pop Tart; and finally.... Gamma/Cindy (yes, he calls her Cindy sometimes!). He even says some phrases like Socks off; Shoes on; Stop it, Mama; Sit down; Come on, Sissy; and Fix it.

It seems as though his monthly antibiotic prescription is finally over! He hasn't been sick in so long I can hardly remember it, and I'm so thankful. He was such a sick boy for over a year. MaryCollis has been more sick this year than he has, which is strange.

Our first visit to Smith's Tree Farm

Farm baby

After MC's annual gingerbread party

Cuddling with LaLa

Two more weeks until Christmas break, and we intend on doing NOTHING. Except baking lots of cinnamon rolls, watching lots of movies, and visiting with lots of friends.

PS. MaryCollis at 22 months.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MaryCollis is 4!

MaryCollis is 4 years old. What?!

She is prissy and a complete know-it-all. She adores accessories and squirts her hair with "smell good" each night before bed. She loves painted fingernails, singing, pampering her baby dolls, playing outside, dressing up, and helping me in the kitchen.

She is 43" tall (98th percentile), weighs about 35 pounds (70th percentile), and wears mostly 4T clothing/size 9 shoe. She's hoping for an iPad, her own phone, a new house, a bike, and an Ariel cake for her birthday. When I was four, I'm pretty sure I asked for a new Barbie. 

She started K3 at St. John's this month, and she loves it; however, I have a slight problem with it. She is already avoiding me after school. "How was your day?".... "Fine." .... "What did you do?" .... "Work." .... "Who did you sit with?" .... "Eliza." .... "Well, what did you learn?" .... "Nothing." Ummmm, you're not supposed to get short with me until you are 15, young lady. Tell me about your day, dadgummit! I'm interested in your life! I'm not at all prepared for what has been happening.

As sassy as she is, she's also the cuddliest sweetheart you ever did meet. We have little sleepovers in my bed when Daddy is gone, and I totally don't hate how she hogs the bed and breathes in my face. We sure do love you, Tooter Bug!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

MC Under the Sea

Though she is not quite 4, we celebrated MaryCollis' birthday yesterday. She wanted an Ariel party, so an Ariel party she had... but we went with a more under the sea theme. There were roughly a million people in attendance, and we had a blast!

Favors included seashells with hair ties inside, nail polish, and combs (dinglehoppers) for the girls; pirate bubbles, and "argggghhhh" bracelets for the boys.





blue lagoon sticks



Digging for treasure

ocean water

peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches

Punkin Girl

We had fun swimming with our friends and eating yummy food, then we opened presents with K-Love and LaLa. MC was all about the karaoke machine that looked like a Princess Sophia purse. You can sing to her music, or you can hook up your iPod and sing to your own music. Super cool. Thanks, Brody! 

Opening presents with K-Love

Becoming Elsa with LaLa

Playing on her brand new Samsung Tablet (courtesy of Gamma)

Of course her favorite gift was her Samsung Tablet from Gamma. She is PUMPED to have her own "iPad." She doesn't know I set the timer to only let her play between bath time and bed time. :)

Making her birthday poster for school

After we all had great naps, Auntie Jane and LaLa helped us make MC's birthday sign for school. They do a little geography/history/science lesson on how it takes you 365 days to turn a year older and it takes the Earth the same amount of time to orbit the sun. It's really cute. 

Creating headbands from the kit Peyton gave us


So we had a wild Saturday night making her poster, then Sunday LaLa and I whipped out the headband kit Peyton gave MC. We made so many cute little headbands. MC will be pumped when she gets home from AWANA! It was a great party, and I can't wait to celebrate again this weekend!


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