Friday, April 18, 2014

Penn at 13-14 months + MC Update

Penn is 14 months now, and here's what the little guy is doing.

- Size 12-18 clothing mostly (although he can wear some 6 month shorts!)
- Size 4 shoe
- Size 4 diaper
- Loves food and will eat nearly anything
- Officially said his first word!
- 6 teeth (two on bottom, four on top) and has two more coming in on bottom - FINALLY
- Can drink from a straw

Birthday Party

He officially said his first word at 13 months: ball. Way back during Thanksgiving break, he said Mama a few times and then never said it again. He also says "Da" a good bit, but I've never really thought he was referring to Chad. There is no doubt, however, that when he says "ba" he means ball.

He had a second surgery on his sinuses last month. His 5-month-old tubes were replaced, and his adenoid was taken out. Dr. Stevens also did a sinus cleanse. He did really well with it (save the awful hour of coming off anesthesia), and his snot has been clear ever since! He seemed to be doing fine, but at his two-week follow-up appointment they discovered his left ear was still stopped up. I had to administer ear drops twice daily for 10 days to try to avoid Dr. Stevens having to pressurize it. Luckily, it worked! His ear was clear when checked, and he really hasn't been sick since surgery. Our longest streak yet!

This kid is all boy and has absolutely no fear. He will jump off a ledge before you have time to hold him back. He wants to climb everything, jump off everything, throw everything. We really need a fenced-in yard for our little man.


Watching the Quartet Practice

MaryCollis is just as sassy and sweet as ever. She is the ultimate scaredy cat (she get it from her mama), she still loves "Dora," and she adores jewelry and accessorizes each outfit. She's a really good big sister and is very protective of her little brother (whom she lovingly calls "Penny").

Each Friday we have pizza night, and it's always great fun. There's no limit to how many pieces we eat and no end the the silliness that ensues.

pizza night

pizza night 

pizza morning (the leftover pizza breakfast after pizza night :)

The weather has been nice, so we've had a lot of park time. The kids love it.

We also enjoy tea parties occasionally.... with real food and drink. Marshmallows are a staple.

Who said tea parties are just for girls??

With just a few weeks left of school, I am having some serious spring fever. I can't wait to get these babies in the pool! 

PS. MaryCollis at 13 months and 14 months.


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