Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mexico + The Rices

We just got back from Mexico, and we had the most wonderful trip! We are all in a slight depression being back home with bills, laundry, constant dishes, messes, and responsibilities. The kids had the best time, Lindsay was the most beautiful bride, the groom cried, and there were real margaritas again. Here is our trip in photos!

Airport fun

Sleeping on airplane

We're here!

Zero-entry pools = greatest invention of all time

Sharing ice cream with Uncle Andrew

Swimming with Patricia, MOB

Sweet gift from Aunt Lindsay

Sunset Da Mona Lisa

Practicing our flower girl skills

The Arch

Deep conversations at the rehearsal dinner


Is that not the sweetest?!


The Rices :)

She said, "I wish I could always be a princess like this, Daddy."

"Where's my modeling contract?"

Good law.

Waking up at 4am is for the birds, people.

"So sleeeepy, Ma!"

Flight canceled? Awesome! Let's entertain the kids with twirling.

Pizza party in NOLA

Pooped after the best week ever!

We are already talking about going back next year with our pals Emma & Abby (oh, and their lame parents too). Until next time, Mexico.


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