Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MaryCollis is 4!

MaryCollis is 4 years old. What?!

She is prissy and a complete know-it-all. She adores accessories and squirts her hair with "smell good" each night before bed. She loves painted fingernails, singing, pampering her baby dolls, playing outside, dressing up, and helping me in the kitchen.

She is 43" tall (98th percentile), weighs about 35 pounds (70th percentile), and wears mostly 4T clothing/size 9 shoe. She's hoping for an iPad, her own phone, a new house, a bike, and an Ariel cake for her birthday. When I was four, I'm pretty sure I asked for a new Barbie. 

She started K3 at St. John's this month, and she loves it; however, I have a slight problem with it. She is already avoiding me after school. "How was your day?".... "Fine." .... "What did you do?" .... "Work." .... "Who did you sit with?" .... "Eliza." .... "Well, what did you learn?" .... "Nothing." Ummmm, you're not supposed to get short with me until you are 15, young lady. Tell me about your day, dadgummit! I'm interested in your life! I'm not at all prepared for what has been happening.

As sassy as she is, she's also the cuddliest sweetheart you ever did meet. We have little sleepovers in my bed when Daddy is gone, and I totally don't hate how she hogs the bed and breathes in my face. We sure do love you, Tooter Bug!


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