Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Penn is 2!

The Pennster turned 2 years old on February 15. We celebrated his birthday on Valentine's Day with a Mickey Mouse theme. Read about that here.

The past few months he has grown so much and is talking up a storm. He can say almost any word and is now talking in phrases and sentences. He says... I don't want it, I want more milk/juice, Thank you, I love you, Come on, I'm okay, I'm coming, Water is hot/cold, I'll get it, and several more phrases in addition to LOTS of words like MaryCollis, LaLa (Lauren), TyTy (Tyler), macaroni and cheese, pancakes, spoon, Pop Tart, muffins, cereal bar, berries,  Gamma, Bubba, Doc, Sissy, Penn, Mommy, Daddy, all the Mickey characters and Dora characters... basically anything on TV... Night night, hey, bye, bath, pull-up and diaper, pants, shoes, shirt, socks, slippers, nose, eyes, mouth, toothbrush, hairbrush, purse, tee tee, poo poo, potty, hush (!), dance, play floor, book, blanket, toast, the list goes on.

LaLa came to visit a few weekends ago since she can't come to the birthday party, and she came bearing gifts (you're shocked, I know). She brought their Christmas gifts (a ball pit for Penn; a vanity with makeup for MC) and Penn's birthday gift (a tool bench). The kids have had a blast with them!

And of course she brought Mickey cupcakes for the birthday boy.

We had the best weather a few weeks ago, so I took the kids to the park. They LOVED it. In fact, they loved it so much that we just ordered them a huge play set for Gamma and Doc's backyard. They're going to FREAK. OUT.

Penn weighs 27 pounds - I have NO idea how - and is about 34 inches tall. He wears a size 6 shoe and 24-month/2T clothing. He has all of his teeth and lots of hair (I think he's had about 11 haircuts now?). He had his two year check up yesterday, and he's pretty sick. He has an upper respiratory infection, an ear infection (his left tube fell out, which we go back to the ENT about tomorrow), you know.... the usual. He has to do breathing treatments three times per day, along with antibiotics and other meds. We are probably looking at a third set of tubes, and I might insist on getting those tonsils out this go round.

Other than being a sickly little boy, he's super happy! He loves to dance, torture his sister, run outside, "drive" anything that he can get into, and eat. You don't have to wonder about what kind of kid he's going to be. He's ALL BOY. It won't be long until we are into all kinds of sports and hobbies. His daddy couldn't be more thrilled!

PS. MaryCollis turns 2. MaryCollis' 2-year checkup. MaryCollis' 2nd Birthday was a HOOT!

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