Monday, July 13, 2015


Thursday we packed up the whole fam and headed to Nashville to visit Lindsay and Andrew. We had the best time! Thursday evening we ate at a Mexican restaurant and got settled.

Sleeping together for the first time

Friday we went to the zoo, ate lunch at Calypso, took GREAT naps, and grilled at home with Lindsay's mom.


Looking at the snapping turtles

Awesome jungle gym

Penn kept calling him "Horton"

Saturday MaryCollis and Penn woke everyone up by playing Uncle Andy's drums at 6am. Then the girls and boys split up for the day. The girls spent 3 hours at the nail place getting pampered, ate lunch at Fido, then swam at Lindsay's mom's for a few hours. The boys ate Nashville Nasty biscuits at Edley's BBQ for breakfast, went to Bass Pro Shop, and ate fried chicken at Hattie B's. We had two totally different days.

Early morning jam sesh

Penn and Otis. BFF.


Pancakes for lunch


Penn's first fishing poll

Sunday morning we all went to Pancake Pantry, where everybody but me feasted on delicious pancakes. It was my last day of Whole30, so I had an omelet. :(


I LOVE Nashville, and I never have enough time there. Can't wait 'til next time!

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